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VOCR: Vocal Remixing Compo- WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

Jillian Aversa

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Voted. I think Track 3 is the clear winner, but we'll see what happens.

What the hell... Seriously, vote for the best one, not because of celebrity status. I am glad that pixietricks enacted the rules as she did, but now I am questioning if it mattered.

I know you probably honestly think #3 is the best, but here's the deadfalls.

:37-:45, 1:01-1:18 was basically sultry speech. Good attempt, but even then it seemed rushed with empahsis on the quality of voice and not on the layout of the lyrics. The actual singing that starts :45-1:59, with the exception of the repeat of the line at 1:01-1:18 consisted of two lines.

This is kind of what I was hinting at earlier. Do not empahsize the quality of voice (which is what I assumed you were basing your 'clear' winner on) at the cost of the quality of the song.

#9 would be a good example of the same kind of thing that #3 was trying to accomplishes most things better, with the possibilty of voice quality (and at that, its only in the slightest).

As I said before, vote for the best one, not because of a possible author's celebrity status or his/her previous works.

Zyko: We're in agreement. :o

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Uhhhh, guys? Please refrain from expressing your opinions about the entries in here, if you're referring to specific numbers. You could be influencing other peoples' votes. Even if it's praise, that could have negative repurcussions on the fairness of the system.

I'm not going to literally ask you to edit your posts, but you may choose to do so if you want. Either way, no more of this talk.

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I fully agree, I never though OCR had a lot of vocal talent, since there's few vocal remixes compared to standard ones. I've voted, and I gotta say, I don't think there's a chance Zolborn and I will win this one, too much good talent to compete against. Better luck next time!

Maybe I can learn to sing by then....>_>

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you probably should have included the 2-3 sentance thing in the

Voting: Once the competition closes and the tracks have been hosted, voting shall commence! All entrants must participate as well, in the spirit of comradery, and cannot vote on their own mix (duh). Wink Everyone will choose their top three entries, listing them in order from most favorite to least favorite, and PM their votes to me. #1 choices will receive three points, #2 choices two, and #3 choices one. Make sense? We won't actually be rating the mixes on each of the following criteria, but I ask that you keep these things in mind while you vote:

* Creativity (personal flair, interesting harmonies, original lyrics, etc)

* Vocal execution (pitch, rhythm, confidence, etc)

* Production (bad/hissy recordings, dry mixing, etc)

We want to reward people for getting out there, even if they think their singing could use some improvement. So don't just vote for your favorite vocalist, kay? Everybody deserves a chance!

part, that's why I didn't see it the first time :roll:

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