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VOCR: Vocal Remixing Compo- WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

Jillian Aversa

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I am amazed at how close this competition was- and no, that's not some "stock comment" I've been saving up for the results stage. Believe it or not, the 1st and 2nd place-winning entries were only TWO POINTS AWAY. It was practically a tie, and the 3rd place-winning entries were a tie. Pretty amazing, huh? 26 people voted total (and yes, I did get all the counts verified). Not bad, guys! Thanks to all who participated. :D

1st place: #3- Seduction, by pixietricks

2nd place: #9- Smooth Steel, by Malcos

3rd place: #1- Now or Never, by bladiator AND #5- Movin', by 2P a.k.a Ch|oroPhi|

Because my entry won 1st place, and 3rd place resulted in a tie, the prize distribution will be slightly altered. Malcos will receive an OCR t-shirt or hoodie and a $10 iTunes gift certificate (what was originally intended as the 1st place prize), and both 2P and bladiator will receive a $20 iTunes gift certificate (what was originally intended as the 2nd place prize)!!! Malcos: I'll need your mailing address and t-shirt/hoodie size preference. You'll all receive your iTunes gift certificates electronically.


Honorable Mentions: #6- Quicksilver Lies, by DragonAvenger and #7- Smooth Metal ©, by zyko

These guys tied in 4th place, and were not far behind the 3rd place winners! So congrats to you both as well. It was very close.


1- Now or Never, by bladiator

2- Smooth Metal (A), by Flik

3- Seduction, by pixietricks

4- Smooth Metal (B), by Kitsuta

5- Movin', by 2P a.k.a Ch|oroPhi|

6- Quicksilver Lies, by DragonAvenger

7- Smooth Metal ©, by zyko

8- Smooth Metal (D), by DjSammyG

9- Smooth Steel, by Malcos

10- Without You, by Ghetto Lee Lewis

11- Smooth Metal (E), by DarkChocobo and Zolborn

Lyrics: Not everyone wrote lyrics, but here are the ones that did. Numbers correspond to mix numbers.

1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

And just for fun, here is a kickass mashup that The Mac Attack made!

Smooth Reputation (mashup)


VOCR: Vocal Remixing Competition... Not an acronym! :lol:

Hello, and welcome to ocremix's first vocal remixing competition! Much thanks to genghisdani for coming up with the idea, and all those who offered their suggestions in the thread. I'll try to keep things open-ended for this first round, to get an idea of what direction we're headed with this thing.

To start things off, I thought we could try a comprise between the "vocal arranging" and "karaoke" approaches— partially because I think making this a vocal and instrumental remixing competition would discourage some more inexperienced people from getting involved from the start, and partially because I think it would making the voting process easier and more objective if everyone sang over the same track. If the end result is too boring, we can change the format for next round; nothing is set in stone! I'm giving everybody a lot of creative freedom, though, so hopefully there will be a great deal of variety.

Round 1: Mega Man 2 "Smooth Metal" by zircon

zircon has graciously lent us his latest remix— unreleased!— for the basis of this first round. The track remixes the source "Metal Man," from Mega Man 2. It is the hotness! Anyway, here are the basic premises for this round:

  • You must use zircon's instrumental track for the background. The track may not be changed— only added upon with your vocals and effects, or spliced if you're going for an a cappella section.
  • You may choose to sing the source melody as it already stands. Original melodies and harmonies are applauded, however. Don't be afraid to take some chances!
  • You can write original lyrics or sing without words; it's up to you! Additionally, if you'd like to sing with lyrics but can't think of any, you may collaborate with someone else so long as you give them credit. No borrowing from other sources unless you run it by me first.
  • Texts for songs with lyrics must be included in the email to me. And if your song is in a foreign language, an English translation is required.
  • Effects are more than welcome, but the main vocals may not be vocoded.
  • Auto-pitch correction will be allowed for the time being; nobody's perfect, and we don't want this compo to focus too much on raw singing talent, when there are plenty of other factors that contribute to a good vocal mix.

Entries: All entries are due by 9:00 pm EST on Saturday, December 23rd. That's three weeks, everybody!

MP3 submissions should be tagged and sent to mail@jilliangoldin.com, and may be hosted online or included as an attachment. If you send me your track well before the deadline and then decide you wanna make some changes, that's totally cool. It's never too late to send again before the round closes. Do not post your track in this thread, however! We don't want anyone to "draw inspiration" from your original ideas, and plus... more suspense. :D At the end of the three weeks, I will host all of the tracks on my website and edit the first post for everyone to see.

Voting: Once the competition closes and the tracks have been hosted, voting shall commence! All entrants must participate as well, in the spirit of comradery, and cannot vote on their own mix (duh). :wink:Everyone will choose their top three entries, listing them in order from most favorite to least favorite, and PM their votes to me. #1 choices will receive three points, #2 choices two, and #3 choices one. Make sense? We won't actually be rating the mixes on each of the following criteria, but I ask that you keep these things in mind while you vote:

  • Creativity (personal flair, interesting harmonies, original lyrics, etc)
  • Vocal execution (pitch, rhythm, confidence, etc)
  • Production (bad/hissy recordings, dry mixing, etc)

We want to reward people for getting out there, even if they think their singing could use some improvement. So don't just vote for your favorite vocalist, kay? Everybody deserves a chance!

Prizes: I'm totally copying zircon with his FF7 compo prizes, but...

  • 1st place will receive an OCR t-shirt or hoodie and a $10 iTunes gift certificate.
  • 2nd place will receive a $20 iTunes gift certificate.
  • 3rd place will receive a $10 iTunes gift certificate.

Have fun, everybody! And don't hestitate to ask people for advice/critique along the way... just no posting of tracks in here. Feel free to use the WIP forums instead. :wink:

Participants so far:







2P a.k.a Ch|oroPhi|

The Prophet of Mephisto

Zolborn & Dark Chocobo







Ghetto Lee Lewis



Leon K.







flyingninja 911


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Edit: What programs are good for overlaying audio onto audio?
This is how I usually proceed: play the instrumental version in any reasonable player (Winamp, Media Player Classic), and listen to it by using headphones.

Then, run your favorite recording tool (Goldwave, Nero Wave Editor, and lots of others), using your mic as source. In this way you won't re-record the background music.

Then, use the same wave editor to mix everything.

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Hey question. Can I assume that since its called Vocal Remix that submissions with rappin work? I read most of the other thread and from what I saw it was brought up but only in hypotheticals. Although singing and rap certainly have their differences, delivery & character, not to mention creativity is very important in rap so I feel like in that sense there could be room for it in this comp. Obviously some intrumentals won't lend themselves to rap (or certain styles of singing for that matter), but this one from Zircon sounds like it could work. This sort of thing could help me tweak my style and do some creative stuff.

So uh, is it cool?

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it was exciting to see this advertised as a vocal 'remixing' compo and then disappointing to discover that the 'remixing' has already been done for you. :?

this is a fine idea too, but i feel mislead by the name. :(

Future tracks for this competition will have to come from somewhere. What will be the process for selecting them? Perhaps another competition? :lol:

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i think this idea woudl work a lot better if remixing were allowed. a voice is not an independant entity in a song; the instrumental music has a tremendous influence on the effectiveness of the voice.

for instance: Neil Diamond (or name any of countless pop singers) might have a "good voice," with good control, projection, intonation, etc, but what does it matter; he sings shit. there's no emotion being conveyed.

i could make an easy argument that larrytamer has a better voice, because while he doesnt even sing, DAMN does he get funky when he gets down, and when he gets down, he gets the ladies melting in their ladypants.


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