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Worked on a remix of the dungeon theme for a competition. Happy with how it came out, but I'm a little worried I may be stretching the melody of the original bassline a little too liberally. If it's not too far off the mark, I'll try and see if I can clean this up into something submittable for the panel.


https://www.dropbox.com/s/rwkuiqrx52d9uia/Shining Light into the Dungeon.mp3?dl=0

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Hey, I remember this one from the Meat & Potatos compo - I even gave it some praise, though I didn't believe it followed the spirit of the compo due to how liberal it was. For an OCR submission, though...

Let's go through the good, first: the production is quite good on this! The crunchy percussion, the gating, the well mixed synths, etc., it all blends well, it's all easy to hear and distinguish, and overall it's quite pleasant to the ear. I mentioned before and I'll say it again, the variations on the theme are quite cool, too - lots of chord changes to keep things recognizable and yet familiar... periodically.

While the composition has a lot of cool ideas, there are two things that do hold this back, as far as chances on the panel are concerned. Firstly, while for some portions the source is easy enough to hear, a lot of this (likely over 50% of the track) really deviates to the point where the source is impossible to hear, outside of the shape of the texture in the background. A rule of thumb that's often followed is if the source is clearly present for at least 50% of the track, and from a glance I'd suspect that this arrangement doesn't pass on that front. You MIGHT be able to make a case here, if you give some timestamps where the source is used, so if you feel I'm missing something then put out a timestamp and I can evaluate what you're talking about - I've seem minds change as far as source usage is concerned, but without a timestamp and an argument this'll probably be turned down on those grounds.

The second issue that hold this back is the flow of the arrangement. As far as form goes, the track doesn't seem to have much direction or sense of beginning or end. The chords used, while great in isolation, don't make too much sense in sequence. This is a hard thing to "fix", though - considering it's so integral to an arrangement I can't give any suggestion that doesn't really come to "rewrite the piece".

I'd say this'll probably get to the panel (well, it WILL get to the panel, I do the inboxing, lol) and get rejected, but I suggest making a timestamp to justify source usage and sending it off, anyway. While I have some issue with the flow of the arrangement, others might not, and if you can convince the panel that the track indeed uses enough source with a time stamp then you might have a shot on the panel.

A long shot, sure, but a shot nonetheless. Best of luck!

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