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OCR03769 - Shovel Knight & Mega Man V (GB) "Digging into Memories"

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Oh boy, Jorrith, your works... They just never disappoint! This may be simply another favorite from you. The concept may throw some people off, but I'm a really huge fan of the narration here. In my opinion, it really helps to embrace the overall relaxing atmsphere here! Bravo, Stephen good job! Now, onto the instrumental. Chill, lush soundscape filled with mellow sax, sweet interplays between synths and keys and a guitar solo that makes the chills run down my spine? Yes, please! Sign me up! And give me more, this is just too awesome :)Once again, thank you all guys for the effort! Listened to this track 10 times in a row already, and I'm not gonna stop!

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Jorito mentioned Giorgio by Moroder, and this song reminded me of Giorgio by Moroder right away. Shovel Knight's monologue through-out only strengthened that feeling. Giorgio by Moroder is one of my favourite songs on Random Access Memories, and by Daft Punk in general, so a song that captures a similar feeling to it is definitely going to be a hit with me. The fact that it's an arrangement of a song from Shovel Knight is just a bonus on an already great arrangement.

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