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'STARFOX THINGS' - Starfox: Corneria [ Stranger Things Remix ]


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This started out as something totally different, but ended up being a retro 80s take on the classic Corneria theme from Starfox (or Starwing in my case), based on very happy memories watching Stranger Things & enjoying the soundtrack. Straightforward stuff but playing around with the atmosphere was great fun! Would love to hear your thoughts.

EDIT: Second update to the track. Good enough for my YouTube channel but keen to hear your thoughts before submitting to OCR!

Here's the track:

Here's the original:



And here's the Stranger Things theme tune, which the track isn't based on but gives a good idea of the feel.

Thanks for listening! Let me know what you think.

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as someone who repeatedly tries to get into EDM but can only stand Boards of Canada, I like this.

I think the drum timbre is fine but the drums need to be louder so you really feel them. Maybe 1-2 db louder. either that or some eq. i want to feel the bass of the kick. i want the snare to punch me more and i want those hi hats to be brighter or more audible.  i'm pretty sure it's just an overall volume issue but if that doesn't work or feels too "Loud" mix wise then try eq'ing some 50 into the kick, 200 into the snare and 10hz shelf into the hi hats.   i'm sure if you listen to 808 state or something sort of old you will get that.  (oh yeah I like 808 state. lol)

maybe add some sort of climax songwise as it kind of just stops. i know EDM isn't huge on songwriting/arrangement and is more about repeating things, but always good form to have a climax

thanks for sharing! 

Ps subbed to ya to support.

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