OCR03788 - Secret of Mana "Beyond the Big Infinity"

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When Resonance of the Pure Land came out, the track I was most hopeful for was Flight Into the Unknown. And I, and likely everyone else, was not disappointed. It's peppy, it's beautiful, it's faithful, it's innovative... more than I could have expected in a single track. Thank you for bringing back to life the exhilaration of soaring on white dragon's(?) wings.

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Absouletely killed it as always! This is one of those tracks that are very special for me: whenever I'm too stressed or worried about something, I just play this tune, and it really cheers me up a lot ;) From catchy groove to beautiful instrumentaion, this track is 100% solid in every aspect you can imagine. That chiptune break alone is incredible! If I didn't know it is your work, Jorrith, my first guess would be Sir_NutS, actually, so that's sayin' something, I think :) Special kudos goes to Mr. Shreds for his brilliant guitar chops - they certainly made the track much more varied and energetic. And also they perfectly worked in the mellow-ish outro. Nailed it, guys!

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