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OCR03865 - *YES* Snowboard Kids "Avalanche"


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Remixer: Miso29
Real name: Glyndwr Williams
Userid: 27317

Name of game: Snowboard Kids
Name of Arrangement: Avalanche
Name of Song Arranged: Big Snowman
Composer: unknown
Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkH0qjQ8GNw

Comments: It's been a very long time since I did a video game remix and this year I really felt in the Christmas spirit. I had some downtime from band activities so I decided to do something a little more fun and personal. Snowboard Kids holds a special place for me, as a child the whole family would play it together.  

   I wanted to keep the intro somewhat similar to the original to give the main melody more of an impact when it came in. The goal for the rest of the song was to make an over the top, bombastic power metal remix that really lifts your spirits. I took the original structure and added loads of drums and guitars (to make it metal), then I added layers of choir, piano, synths, bells, brass and strings to give the piece a more epic feel. I felt the piece needed a little more input than what I'd done so I created a solo section, it would need to shred like the kids do in game! Obviously to make it more christmassy I added some cliché sleigh bells through sections of the song.



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I never played this game as a kid but I know a ton of people love it.

I feel like those people are going to lose their shit when they hear this remix.

This is really good! Really dense, but things balance out nicely. I don't feel like anything is getting lost, and nothing feels too exposed. You gotta be careful when doing the sleigh bells thing, but these sit in the mix really nicely. Killer performance. Great solo.

Very uplifting.


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  • DarkeSword changed the title to 2017/12/21 - (1Y) Snowboard Kids 'Avalanche'

Good, intense energy here, and nice work adding some Christmas/holiday instrumentation touches to the picture.

The background writing was pushed back more than it had to be, and I think you could have had more clarity in the soundscape while still maintaining the track's intensity. Finally got some breathing room with the brief dropoff at 1:53 and again around 2:15. With the chorus at 2:26, it felt like a cut-and-paste of 1:11's section, but it was brief before moving onto some other new arrangement ideas followed by some awesome soloing. 3:34 with the same chorus section being repeated again as a cut-and-paste. At least when 4:04 retread 1:30's section, there was more intesity to it to present a difference from before.

I'm just picking apart some meaningful issues with arrangement and production that addressing could have made into a more thoroughly developed and polished piece, but there's no doubt that this is a very well-personalized cover that packs some power behind it! Welcome, Glyndwr!


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  • Liontamer changed the title to 2017/12/21 - (2Y) Snowboard Kids 'Avalanche'
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Pretty excellent stuff, getting some modern Sonic the Hedgehog vibes from this.  Fast, extremely energetic, and well-performed. Super cool breakdown at 3:24. If I had to be nitpicky I would say the transitions are a bit sudden and some sections feel like they're being repeated without much change, but nothing that detracts me from enjoying this.  Nice Work.


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  • Sir_NutS changed the title to 2017/12/21 - (3Y) Snowboard Kids 'Avalanche'
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