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OCR04024 - *YES* Ys: The Oath in Felghana "Solace, Within & Aethernium" *PROJECT*


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Contact Information

>       ReMixer name: HeavenWraith
>       Real name: Antanas Palaitis
>       E-mail: 
>       Website: http://www.heavenwraithmusic.net
>       Forum user ID: 50325

Submission Information

>       Game: Ys: The Oath in Felghana
>       ReMix Name: Solace, Within & Aethernium
>       Original Name: Beat of Destruction
>       Original Author: Ishikawa Mieko, Jindo Yukihiro
>       Link to the file: 
My submission to the "30 years of Ys" fan album which, at the time I'm writing this, is not yet released. It's a sort of spiritual sequel to my previous remix "Anathema, Quietus & Apotheosis".
Due to time constraints of the project and personal life, I had to approach this remix differently - after envisioning the concept, I laid out the the rhythm and harmony (mostly just drums, bass and a few orchestral elements) of the whole song beforehand and, without making any changes to it, built everything else on top, mixing coming last. During the process, I was afraid of it being an endeavor too ambitious, but it turned out alright (although with more time I would have considered more complex harmony) and produced results before the project deadline.
The song was mostly and probably most obviously inspired by Hellfire from FFXV, which made me inclined to spend hours tweaking EQs and compressors to achieve the epic drum banging, among other things. Another influence, to a lesser extent, was Demetori - 星条旗のピエロ ~ The MadPiero Laughs, mostly for guitar writing/technique.
Thank you for your time.
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I haven't played any of the Y's games but for some reason I know this song by heart.  Maybe it's because my little brother is a huge Ys fan and we used to live together so he was always playing Y's games at FULL VOLUME :D.  Enough about that.  This mix brings this song to another level.  The word epic is often misused but I think calling this epic is proper since that's the vibe it's trying to achieve.  The performances are solid and the backing instrumentation is suitable and well sequenced.  The main melody is used maybe one too many times but overall solid arrangement.


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this is a seriously bangin' remix. it's super loud throughout and has essentially no dynamic depth, however that's well within the style i think. from an arrangement perspective, this is well-realized and does a good job transitioning to epic orchestral while adding in some interesting extra bits. i agree with nuts that it goes on maybe one melody recap too long, but as a whole it's great. production-wise, like i mentioned, it's real loud but doesn't feel over-compressed. my ears did get a bit tired listening to it but i attribute that more to the goal you were going for vs. anything done incorrectly.



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Honestly, I feel the melody got excellent treatment.  It starts simple enough with a straight run at 0:43 with a dynamic break between renditions of the A section.  But then there's playing around when adding the B section during the double-time segment at 3:31, and one more interpretation at 4:08 that adds a guitar solo and a key change in the middle.  Add all the original guitar solos, orchestral breakdowns and crazy tempo changes throughout and it just geared itself to such an epic arrangement.

Even the production values sound tight.  The orchestra sounds clean, the big rock sound is well defined, and the guitar performance is exceptionally expressive.  The only issue I had with it was the guitar tone sounding like it's got too much sharpness to the point of providing a hint of a buzz in its tone.  It doesn't dampen the mix though, but it's more like something to watch out for in the future - especially after seeing how your gear has grown over the past two years.

Enough waffling around from me - it's golden, so let's get it on the front page. \m/


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