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OCR03946 - Sonic the Hedgehog "Pax Eggmanica ~Sear & Reave~"


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Friggin' face-melting, I love what the remixer did here. To take one of the lesser Sonic songs and amplify all its best qualities while still pulling off all kinds of original interpretation is seriously impressive. I love how every minute of this song gets better than the last. There are some truly wonderful stretches in here, and the symphonic/speed metal elements come through in spades. The middle solos, the ability to hold on to the melody through everything that's going on... an instant download here. GREAT job!!!!

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The song by itself is very well done. But its as FlashX said above, the original melody is hard to find.

I guess this is because the original's melody was part of the beat itself.
The original has those half-steps for its beat focus, but the remix only does whole steps.

If the older melody clip at the end had been moved to the beginning, and repeated a few times it might have been easier to follow conceptually, but the shuffled beat still kind of pushes stuff around.

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