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OCR03967 - Skies of Arcadia "Coding Angel"


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Oh man, there is a story behind this one! I knew I wanted @Jason Covenant to do a song for this album since day 1. I have always been a fan of his work and my spouse just loved his voice and stuff! However, @Jason Covenant had an interesting stipulation on the deal. He said he'd be up for it, but he was busy with other projects. He told me to come back when there was only ONE TRACK LEFT unclaimed. If no one else wanted it, he'd take that one. Quite the odd request. There were several times I checked in with him, but the response was always the same, check back when there was one last track left. Sure as heck, we had Guilder's Theme as the final track and I pinged @Jason Covenant about it and he agreed to take the track. It was a further 4-5 months with not much to show for the track since he said he worked in a way different than most where he couldn't really provide many WIPs for me to listen to since he goes in non-sequential order with his tracks. Some of my team was worried if something was wrong or if we needed to pass the track along to others, but I kept the faith and kept checking in every other week with @Jason Covenant. In the end, he finally dropped this bombshell of a track and I instantly fell in love with it, as did my spouse. It has since become a favorite of my team as well and I'm very happy I stuck with him throughout these three years to get him to remix a track. Thank you again, @Jason Covenant, you added a unique element to disc 2 that I believe couldn't have been achieved otherwise! Bravo!

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