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OCR04030 - Skies of Arcadia "The Silver Crystal"


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Man, there was a story behind this one. I had originally tasked Fina's track to another remixer for the better part of the three years this album was in production. The original arrangement was...unique, but I wanted to stand by my remixers and push forward the best we could muster as a team to the evaluator's panel. However, when reviews came back, and almost every one was singling out this one track as needing some major revisions...I knew I needed to make a decision and quick. As a director, you gotta make the tough calls, even if they suck or hurt someone's feeling for the betterment of the overall product. It's never fun, but I had to make that call in this instance. So I unfortunately had to retire the original track and its remixer and go to @Deedubs and asked him if he could do me a real solid. Could he complete a track in 3-4 days during the entire evaluation phase on a tight time limit to create a replacement track. I told him to take the original inspiration @Rotten Eggplant had with his initial hack at the track and mix it with the 'Short Skirts' track from the 'Voices of the Lifestream' album for Final Fantasy VII. He came back 3-4 days later with this wonderful gem, outdoing himself in every way, and I immediately submitted it as Fina's track alongside the rest of the album. And the rest....is history.

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