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So I Got This Program...


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With Christmas being here, I asked for a music program to start remixing (I came here earlier asking about programs) and got one.

I got "Magix Music Studio 11 Deluxe" or something like that.

I was wondering if anyone here could tell me more about it or anything. I'm looking for something that's easy to use and such - I just want to remix some songs for my site and such

I know FruityLoops, though I've never used it. How does this compare to it?

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From the looks of it, MMS 11 looks to do everything someone starting out could dream of. It's got bundled plugins, effects and instruments, Audio and Midi support, easy looking GUI, and enough sequencing features to allow for effective composition. I dont use it myself, but, it SOUNDS from the website like it should be a fine solution to get your feet wet.

Learn to use that, then move onto new programs.

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Two questions:

1) Does it have a helpfile? Online instructions? Anything like that? I don't think many remixers use that program, which means odds are low we'll be able to help you with it. That doesn't mean it's a bad program -- it just means that the included helpfiles will be able to help you far more than this forum will.

2) Why start another topic? Just use this one.

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Creating MIDIs is basically where you start from; from there it's just a matter of what samples/VSTi's/Soundfonts/whatever you render it with. Sonar, Cubase, Tracktion, etc are also basically midi-creation programs, and they're quite popular among remixers.

I suggest you take a closer look at those instructions; as I said, they'll probably be able to help you more than we will.

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^^ Looks like a great source

I used the Help features and such, and it didn't recognize any of those 2 phrases/words you gave me.

Messing around with the program has led me to 2 things which I would figure may help me, but I can't exactly tell.

One is the remix agent, which I can describe as this: Once I open a song in a .VIP (That's the project extensions for the program) and use it, it takes a metronome (I actually know what that is...somewhat) to get the beat and such.

Afterwards, I can use an Object Editor and SoundFX menu in the Mixer, which looks like this:

Object Editor: http://img404.imageshack.us/img404/4307/screen3lr4.jpg

Sound FX: http://img99.imageshack.us/img99/2391/screen4lg6.jpg

Again, I realize hardly anyone, if no one, uses this program...I was hoping this info would help, if anyone could help me

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