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MnP 120: Secret of Mana - Make A Wish

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Here's some of my thoughts, since i didn't get a chance to vote.

Kat - Oh man this is pretty, i love the contrasting sections between the rock and the orchestral, that works perfectly. If i have to be honest, the drums in the first half could be mixed a bit better, but the rest was soo good. Really nicely done well done!

Wassup Thunder - Jesus that scared me lol. The orchestration really turns it into more PRC than MnP, it's gone from a slow emotional tune, into a cinematic film cue. Again the orchestration is awesome, and works well, but it's very PRC not MnP. Great job!

TheVodouQueen - The chords are pretty....this is a chord progression i dig, like a lot. The contrasting sections works like a charm too, the whole track is too pretty. The vocals for me were a mixed bag. I like the idea of integrating it, but i feel it works best without them, i'm more a fan of the instrumental. The overall instrumental is very pretty, especially the ending. Great job!

APZX - This is also pretty, i am in love with the synth choices, soo good. It's a bit too much on the amount of instruments, i like the ending a lot, you could add that in halfway to make it more spaced out, and not as busy. But the idea was lovely, i really like this a lot. Great job!

HoboKa - I don't think i've ever received a real HoboKa entrant in a long time lol. It's always a bonus haha, Dex even said it lol. I do love the choir though, it's a beautiful addition with the piano. I do think it's a very static arrangement, you could add more, and make it more than 2 instruments. Great arrangement though! Great job!

Souperion - The strings are nicely integrated. I like how it balances between strings and winds, very well done. I also like the pause in the middle, it's a great breather. Overall really nice solid take on the source. It could stand to add more variety, in the addition of instruments, as well as expansion, but the idea was lovely. Great job here!

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Compo: MnP (Meat 'n Potatoes) Feels kinda funny to be doing this again. My choice for the next source is Secret of Mana's track "A Wish" (also known as the frosty forest or ice-crystal

Hmm, never played Secret of Mana too much but I wanna get my fox in the fray for the first time! Maybe I'll see what I can do >_<

Meanwhile I'm still trying to figure out what to do for 2 different songs due basically back to back, this and one for a songwriter contest. Feels so intimidating, again, lol. (In a good way--got

Great mixes, all! I really enjoyed the melancholy of Kat's, nicely mixed with rock elements. And the abrupt end near the actual end nearly gave me a heart attack.
I loved Thunder's emotional piece, but we've already gone over how it was less MnP. Still, great song that nearly scared me witless.
TVQ's was re-e-e-e-ally slick and sweet, I feel like you got the vocals better here. Took a while for me to pick out A Wish in it, but the innovation was lovely. I'm sure someone else mentioned how the guitars or something near them was causing some fuzz and feedback, shouldn't be too hard to fix.
And I appreciated the story APZX's told. A lot of the instrumentation and execution reminds me of the OST of Axiom Verge. Delicate, deep, and just a bit chippy.
And HoboKa's really nailed the atmosphere, airy openness, and cold sweetness of the original. Almost somnolescent, really.

And as always, thanks for the feedback. One of these days, I will get down actually including low-end instrumentation in these things of mine :S

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