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OverClocked ReMix Re-Theming - Dark Skin 2010, OCR3, VGMix 2. Updated: 2012-02-27

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20/200 is all it takes to be legally blind? whew, i'm legally eyeless, then.

20/200 AFTER the highest possible corrective lenses is legally blind, so we're not there ...yet!

I will wait one week from the time of this post until I start bugging you.

It's a pretty easy fix. He just changed the rounded corners from an image based solution to CSS3, I'll have something up today probably.

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i'm about 20/60 with my current lenses, which are -11 and -11.5, respectively. so i figure i might be getting close =(

I'm at about -7 in both right now. I don't think there's much hope for me either but...lasec prolly eventually D:

Ahhh... much better...

But is the OCR logo supposed to appear in the Quick Reply box?

Please refer to post one.

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This is an absolutely ancient bump post, but I was looking for a snippet of Stylish code that limits the display width of the forum. I know someone posted something like that a long time ago, but I'm having a hell of a time finding it.

Does anyone either have that code or at least know how to do it, because I don't really get this shit. At all.

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Pushed both OCR3 and VGMix out to user styles:

OCR3: http://userstyles.org/styles/1021/overclocked-remix-4-ocr3-remix

VGMix 2: http://userstyles.org/styles/61584/overclocked-remix-4-vgmix-2-style

Some notes:

  • OCR3's forums are missing a few buttons, and some links are mucked up. I'm going to try to re-create any buttons that the vB has that the original PHPBB2 theme did not.
  • VGMix 2 does NOT have a themed forums. So for now it's going to fall back to OCR3's forums
  • VGMix 2's logo only works well on 1920x1080 resolutions. I'm trying to figure out a good fix for that.

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I was hoping the black skin might escape unscathed with the latest update, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I realize the folks who might still be using it are extremely limited, so if nobody cares enough to fix it, then it was fun while it lasted. I figured I would bring this up though, just in case there are a few dark skin diehards like me and anyone wants to try a fix.

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Here you go, Rama. I'll go ahead and leave these up as permanent backups and will mirror the updated versions whenever they're ready:



I'm fine with the white look since it's not nearly as blindingly bright as it used to be thanks to the grey gradients, but I do like the black style.

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