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Hi there! I'm not big into the super loud epic stuff but I wanted to try some stuff for a request I got on my channel. One problem I'm always running into is getting things as loud sounding as I want or present as I want without clipping hard or just jacking up the sound stage. In the track in question I think I've come a long way from where I was at. Mostly doing easy automated eq panning with the solo instruments and lowering/raising the volume on certain instruments when I need them to back off or come forward. Still, I know if I wasn't an absolute EQ noob I'd be able to free up some of the soundstage here and there. Any tips for EQ settings or even just simple panning that may help?

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I'm still learning principles for good EQ and the like. One tip I've studied is to consider starting with subtractive EQ, lowering the volume and levels of instruments to help the ones you're after to stand out without increasing their volume at first. This can help your composition have more "room" in its sound levels. I balance this by increasing the limiter's ceiling on my track and increasing the over all gain some to compensate for the decreased volume.

Hope more skilled artists respond here, I could use more pointers myself.

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