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Soundtracks to games you've never played

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Play Chrono Cross guys... That was an awesome game; I can't deny the soundtrack for it either, that was awesome as well.

I bought Chrono Cross used from GameStop and didn't get around to playing it right away. One day I decided I wanted to start it, popped it in, and got to that very first cutscene where the door opens or whatever and it froze. I absolutely can not get past that point and my CD looks FINE so I much just be reallllyyyy unlucky.

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For most of the game soundtracks I have, I've never played the game. Some I've played a game in the series and just downloaded the soundtracks for the whole series, or I've learned of them through OCR/projects/etc, or a recommendation, or whatever.

Never played Xeno, PlayStation FF, Katamari, Wild Arms, etc and I've only played Tekken3 and Tag; but I've downloaded tonnes of soundtracks. Same goes for movies; I don't see many, but I download alot of ost's.

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