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  1. If you do add me to the bracket my AIM is surfer_otaku.
  2. My opinon of Twilight Princess is that overall it was a pretty good game, but overall OoT was much better. However I can't wait for more installments to the series
  3. Hey when ever this thing starts over I want in!
  4. ResEvil07


    Online radio never works on my computer....
  5. I guess my owning N generation even though I never played 1 though 5 would count. (Final Fantasy by the way)
  6. I am 18 thank you very much it is just that the ADD catches up to me every now and then... Hehehehe.... COOKIE!!!!
  7. you didn't get raped yet? Just kidding Chaucer!
  8. Yea he is a doozy... I offically hate him with all of my being!
  9. I swear I wish you people lived down here in Texas. I'm soooo lonely..... *starts weeping uncontrolably*
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    Sony PS3

    Only reason I would possibly get one is to play any Final Fantasy games.
  11. Yea I have a whole album with at least 40 songs on it. And my top 25 most played are all OCRemixes
  12. IF its there I want it BAD! Music to that game rocks!
  13. At home playing my Wii That's right I got a Wii any problems with that??????????
  14. This theme is one the most remixed songs on the site. However this remix stands out above the rest. With innovative percussion and some excellent latin beats this song makes for an wonderful listen to any music fan. Wow, is really all I can say. The opening with what sounds like handclaps leading into the bass and percussion was fantastic. It is a rare occurance to hear such incredible acoustic guitar playing. Also including the sound effects was a nice touch. The piano part at about 1:30 was very effective in bridging the sections. Overall this is ABSOULTELY incredible. I enjoy listening to it over and over. I want to hear more, please!
  15. I loved this song in its original form and Carbo has done an excellent job with it. The first thing I want to comment on is Carbo's excellent abilty to play the guitar. He truly brings the songs he performs to life. Now I felt the even though the song was good it had it's down points. Namely at the end, where I was expecting a little more than just a repeat. However I felt that even though the drums got a little repetive at times they had some rather innovative beats. Also I want to point out the when ending a song try not to make it too abrupt. Overall the song was excellent head-banging material. Rock fans will defiently enjoy this one.
  16. Hooboy this is my first review in a while and I have alot of songs to catch up on. Anyway, I found this piece to be very enjoyable. I particularly like orchestral mixes. The beginning section was done very beautifully and the transition was good into the faster part. To be honest I felt that it was a little strange to start it of so quiet and then go into a louder more active section. The bass lines (namely the cellos) were wonderfully written and went well with the overall piece. I mostly enjoyed the use of dynamics and tempo changes. As always as I percussion major I feel that a strong background with lots of toys and gadgets going on gives a piece the extra excitment it needs. Overall I felt the song went very smoothly with few errors.
  17. I was able to hear this song out of the Kong in Concert album where it was combined with "Pirate Prelude" this version of the Gangplank Gallon boss music is incrdible with the heavy metal guitar and rocking drums. When hearing this with the Kong in Concert my only complaint was that the drums didn't sound right with the exit of the piano from the first song. But it is a very fast-paced and energetic song. Excellent work!
  18. Using a light techno percussion set with a soothing and melodious orchestra Darkesword gives a wonderful new feel to the piece. Most of the melody comes from either strings or a piano, both of which are beautiful. When the choral hits some in they at emphasis to the downbeat. The amibient guitar then comes in almost giving an island feel to the song. A very good job in my opinion.
  19. As usual I am late to these kind of things *sigh*. I just wanted to put in my 2 cents worth: This project was the coolest thing I have ever heard coming out of remixing in a pretty good while. Everybody did an incredible job putting it all together. Absolutly incredible!!