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OCR04359 - *YES* Octopath Traveler "At Finis Gate"


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Remixer name: Jorito
Real name: Jorrith Schaap
Userid: 3899
ReMixer name: Chromatic Apparatus: https://ocremix.org/artist/17324/chromatic-apparatus
ReMixer name: Bobbie Jane Desforges
Email:  (and with her recording engineer Eleanor Hébert at , with whom I did all communications)
Website: https://www.eleanorhebert.com (Bobbie Jane doesn't have an artist profile and is fine with linking to Eleanor's site)
Submission information:

Name of Game(s) Remixed: Octopath Traveler
Name of Arrangement: At Finis Gate
Names of songs arranged: The Gate at Finis (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNyLiLlP-DM)

Link to the remix: 

Comments about the mix:

Wrote this track for the Pixel Mixers Octopath Traveler album, "Echoes of Eight". Originally I opted to do the main theme, but got stuck and wasn't feeling it, so I was glad that this particular track, "The Gate at Finis" became available again. Due to the arp that's one of the main motifs of the source track, I was instantly inspired to do a synthwave/chillwave style track again. 
Since it was a collaboration album, I also needed a minimum of two guests (something I initially almost forgot about). I already had a saxophone part written and was originally wanted to just stick with samples for it, but due to the collaborative nature of the album, I decided to reach out to find a saxophone. Help arrived in the form of Eleanor Hébert, who handled the sax recording and recruited Bobbie Jane Desforges to perform the part. I also needed another instrument, and decided to go for the cello for this track, an unconventional choice for this genre. I think it works very well in the more cinematic middle section of the track, and it also goes hand in hand nicely with my vague notion to create an EP in this style, with some less conventional instruments, similar to the Okami track I created earlier.
As is usual with my electronic/synthwave inspired tracks, there's lots of synth layering and octaves going on to create this particular sound, some effects and transitions to keep the flow and bounce in it, and in general a good amount of care to make the entire track flow nicely. I'm rather proud of how it all came out, especially since the past 2 years have been pretty unproductive musically, and it's good to get back into the swing of things. And of course a big thank you to Bobbie Jane, Eleanor and Chromatic Apparatus for their performances that brought the track to the next level.
Arrangement, production, vocals, electric guitar: Jorito
Saxophone: Bobbie Jane Desforges
Saxophone recording engineer: Eleanor Hébert
Cello: Chromatic Apparatus


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Ooo, more Octopath Traveler - never a bad thing! Also a fairly underappreciated track from the game, since it's from the "secret" final dungeon; so much excellent content hidden behind side quests. Well, what can you do.

Smooth as butter synthwave, excellent cello and sax performances from your partners, and an arrangement that fits the source like a glove. Mixing is clear, as well, and the production is good. I've one nitpick on this track: it doesn't sound like it has as much low end as it could, for a synthwave track. The genre is made on having nice and healthy lows, and while this isn't bad the track has headroom to play with where you could've gotten more out of it. The high end is also non-existent after about 19k, too, so the overall track doesn't quite sound as crisp as it could.

Mind you, these are granular nitpicks; the production is still very good, and the arrangement is far above par. An easy pick for the front page, for sure, so great job!


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  • Gario changed the title to 2021/07/05 - (1Y) Octopath Traveler "At Finis Gate"
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what a great genre adaptation for this. the slowdown stutter synth and initial presentation of everything at 0:30 is just great. melody is immediately apparent, saxophone is well-mastered with a lush verb for the style, and the wide synths and vox sound great. i agree with gario about the lack of low-end (and despite there not being any real beef down there, it does sound like occasionally there's some collision between the sweep synth in the lower mid range, like around 1:28ish). the cello sounds great with the big glisses in there. nice rich sound - excellent instrument choice.

the break around 2:41 is a nice break for the ear, and the bass drop into the next section at 3:00 is delicious. the following section features some nice stutter synths that add some extra color to the recap. it was a bit cluttered in the drump fill at 3:41, but the distorted synths (or synth guitars?) right after that were great. i like the false ending at 4:01 - that's a fun idea that i'm going to steal sometime! the sax solo following this is pretty flat but what it's playing is fun, and the ending is fine.

this is a great track. mastering sounds excellent aside from the nits i mentioned, arrangement is great, the personalization in here is great. nice work jorrith and company 😃




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  • Liontamer changed the title to 2021/07/05 - (2Y) Octopath Traveler "At Finis Gate"
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I started off thinking, "Huh, this is a really conservative approach from Jorito," and then that drop at the half-minute mark hit.  Wow.  And then the silky sax, and the cello with those almost Asian glides... I have no words.  This just oozes with texture and originality.  Excellent, classy work from all around.


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  • MindWanderer changed the title to 2021/07/05 - (3Y) Octopath Traveler "At Finis Gate"

Whoa, that drop!  Luscious synthwave indeed.  This is so creative with the sax that soars over the soundscape, the vocoded vocals (would have liked more!), and that cello... pure silk.  The piano is tasteful and well done.  The sound palette is constantly changing while staying cohesive each element compliments the whole.  My only wish would be for more beef in the low end, which has been pointed out, but otherwise this mix is a winner.


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