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Thanksgiving is over, and that means it's officially christmas time now. With that in mind, I present to you Mafialligator's A Very 8-bit Christmas!

There's no better way for our kind of nerd to start the holidays. I loved the first two albums and he just released his third this week. They are quickly becoming a christmas tradition for me. Download links can be found here!

Addendum: There is more christmas music! Particularly by one of my favourite artists who goes by Vim! This is a very old monotonik release but I still like it :D at least around christmas time.


christmas breakcore. haha

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This might be of interest to soc (and hopefully to others who love FM music).


14 tracks, 320kbs mp3, proper tags, album art etc.

This is an original music project i've been working on for the last six months or so, featuring extensive use of VOPM and FM7.


1. A New Dawn

2. Marble

3. Future Past

4. Shoot Em Down!

5. Technobob

6. Funky Operator

7. Game Over

8. Crystal Orbit

9. Magnetic Fusion

10. President Eden Speaks

11. Start Your Engines

12. It's An Old Skool Thing

13. No Going Back Till Tommorow

14. Outro



Pretty good stuff.

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I've listened to pretty much every CD in the free music category from the odd yet unresistable Joe Gurba in Alberta who just started his own record label Old Ugly (I'd do that myself if I wasn't in school now). The free stuff on here is amazing, especially CBT is Struggling with Insecurity! Download or buy Joe's Ut Oh CD. This is the way underground hip-hop needs to go!


EDIT: Oh yeah, for chiptune fans, try some ear candy from Old Ugly Records' Racoon Suit. I'm not sure if he's any good, but he's supposed to have so NES/Commodore-ish type music on his myspace.


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I have recently been listening to a lot of shing02. he is a japanese american MC and he's grown on me quite a lot. You may recall his work on the Samurai Champloo anime, a song called "Battlecry" produced by Nujabes.


He has a couple songs downloadable here for free, I recommend


love you like water

start again



2006 upgrade

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