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Not really, Double A Ron just thinks it is :P

There's a purpose behind my best stuff then shaking booty. I'm doing this for a cause that is worth dying for. If you want to know more, PM me or do a thread on PPR. In life, there's sheep and shepherds, Coat. Feel free to bark like a morbid farm animal.

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I think you forgot to read something, dude, because I'm not trying to trash your music. Where the hell did you get that idea? Lemme put it simply for you: This thread is for sharing free music that isn't yours. More importantly, other free songs people don't hear if they only come to OCR for music. Simple concept. We already have the WIP boards to self-plug our stuff, so plugging our music here would be redundant.

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Amazingly enough, there's a new camomille release!


haven't listened yet, but it looks nice and long :3

in related news, kaneel assures me that the 100th cam release is gonna be awesome.

[02:16] <@kaneel> and dooooood

[02:16] <@kaneel> next camo

[02:16] <@kaneel> camo 100

[02:16] <@kaneel> is the biggest compilation you'll ever see

[02:17] <+soc> huzzah

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Date Release Id File info Artist Title 21/07/07 mtk.mp3.186 [5 tracks, 21 minutes, 28.1mb] Renzu

'Reiha EP'


Message>> We're delighted to debut the first Monotonik release from the Chicago-based Renzu, a professional 3D animator and self-described 'animation nerd' and composer of rather deliciously lush IDM soundscapes. And the 'Reiha EP' is just a sampling of his layered, deceptively complex electronic music stylings.

Renzu explains of his background: "My story is very typical of my generation of IDM artists in that I got inspired by BBS/internet computer music and started with trackers from an early age (10) and went from there. Following the artists of that general lineage and/or demoscene-relation like Lackluster, Sense, Esem, MD, Proem, Brothomstates and so on -- it's no surprise I'm a fan of Monotonik."

Well, it certainly makes a lot of sense on the label, with the opening 'Serifu' showing cascading rivulets of sound, before the title track ticks along beautifully with an almost Blade Runner-esque alien tinge to the electronics. Other highlights include 'Akihabara Time-Lapse', with voices sampled from Japanese talking calendar software, counting up the hours of the day and the days of the month. And 'Leviathan' is an epic boom bip of an ending lament. Thanks again to Renzu for providing the noise.

Download Renzu's 'Reiha EP' from: 1. "Serifu" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

2. "Reiha" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

3. "Xephon" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

4. "Akihabara Time Lapse" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

5. "Leviathan" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

..or download the entire release [.ZIP link], stream, or review the track at its Internet Archive release page.

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[17:17] <+soc> don't you have any new videos

[17:17] <@kaneel> and people will email me about that

[17:17] <@kaneel> no no soc

[17:17] <@kaneel> but I plan

[17:17] <@kaneel> sooner than soon.

[17:17] <@kaneel> i'm just so busy with my job and life

[17:17] <+soc> just freestyle something and pump one out :D

[17:17] <@kaneel> since my latest liveset i'm on holidays

[17:17] <@kaneel> ho btw

[17:17] <@kaneel> you got the liveset?

[17:17] <+soc> not really no :o

[17:17] <+wome> is that the render 6

[17:17] <+wome> 87to / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

[17:17] <@kaneel> soc: http://kaneel.free.fr/livesets/liveset_empo_130707/

Edit: oops, I forgot. Maybe some of you don't know kaneel's style. Well, it's chilled out idm glitch. If you don't know what that means, try downloading it and listening!

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