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#212a-212c Pece / Riddle of the Universe [stream]

This time around we have a complete contrast to Lackluster and his works. Pece is an inspiring electro/blues/ambient/electronic style combination, and for probably the second time in kollective history, I`m breaking my own made rule to not release tracks with vocals with the superb, professional quality vocals by Zuska Grüner in `missing`. The ep consists of three tracks of sublime works - quirks, ambience, chilled and with some nice production. This may not be everybodies cup of tea but I think its a worthy addition to the kollective.

Credits for this ep: Piotr 'Pece' Cieslik: composition, production, recording, mixing, mastering, keyboards; Pawel 'boHtr' Drozdz: 'The Past' (acoustic guitar, electric), 'Towards The House On The Hill' (electric guitar); Zuska 'Grino' Grüner: 'Missing' (vocals), Wojtek Szupelak: 'Stormy Night' (acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar), 'Missing' (electric guitar, lyrics)

leave feedback

download album art download whole ep as mp3 (.zip)


stormy night [stream]


towards the house on the hill [stream]


missing [stream]

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New Aleksi Eeben yay


Message>> This one's been coming for a while, but the latest release from incredibly unconventional Finnish musician Aleksi Eeben (the .MOD artist formerly known as Heatbeat) is the tremendously obtuse but lovable 'Three Times The Music', 8 tracks of offbeat but somewhat gorgeous bleeps and bloops.

Aleksi is, as ever, a bit of a jazz fan, and the kind of melodies and stylings he picks makes him an acquired taste, to say the least. But if you dig the odd, odd grooving of first track 'Clockwork', then you're set - from there, we have just all kinds of skronk, with the trilogy coming to the end with 'Western Movement'.

It carries on from there, though, with the beautifully understated 'Quiet Place' slinking up against the insanely named final track 'To Climb A Tree Remove Branches And Reverse Gravity'. Pretty sure it makes no sense to us, and lots of sense to Aleksi, which is why he's a true original, and someone we're delighted to be releasing on Monotonik.

Also, there's a short story explaining (or not!) the contents of the album, which goes as follows:

"I thought of him just every day. The little sailor boy I knew. His shirt so white, his cap so blue his trousers so straight and smart. Along he travelled, the world o'er and o'er and never would he stop. This sailor boy I knew, I knew. This sailor boy I knew.

I met him first in the park above. Way, way above. The clouds below like waves of snow. Oh, waves of snow and a boat. The sailor boy and his crew.

I held his hand and skipped along and he grinned at me with his smile so true. The sailor boy with his smart black shoes and his walk a clip, clip, clip.

Spiralling buildings we left behind as I stood upon his ship so fine. The waves of clouds of snow sublime. My sailor boy of my desire.

And on we went into the night. The owls waved up as we went by. The grounds below a running, a running. Faster we went on. Speeding along the skies we went in our sailing boat so fine. Pink and blue and green we see, how everything falls between, our journey round the world, we so liked to leave.

A ruin greets as the clouds depart. An ancient civilisation, hello! Tied to themselves we think again, of civilisation once so great. I stand beside the sailor boy and forget those long-gone souls.

He took me to the end of the world. A drop of gold and mounds of dirt. We sat in them to play all day, my sailor boy and me. Full of joy and full of games, so innocent as we were. The end of the world, they all do say, is really no fun at all, but we danced around without dismay in the pits of dirt and clay. Black smoke rose from every hole. Up and up it went, to build the world on which we must live. Just a place where everyone lives. Our weird old globe, with cities above, amongst the clouds, and sailing boats without a sail and people with nowhere else to go. And sailor boys who hold my hand, and never do run away. Who never, ever once escape and who are always mine oh mine.

With sailor boys who're mine oh mine.

Of Contraptions and Things

by Kristoffer Lawson."

Download Aleksi Eeben's 'Three Times The Music' from: 1. "Three Times The Music Part 1 - Clockwork" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

2. "Three Times The Music Part 2 - Ocean" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

3. "Three Times The Music Part 3 - Western Movement" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

4. "The Drive" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

5. "Quiet Place" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

6. "Traffic Lights Are Tomato, Orange And Kiwi" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

7. "Bright's Polka" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

8. "To Climb A Tree, Remove Branches, And Reverse Gravity" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

..or download the entire release [.ZIP link], stream, or review the track at its Internet Archive release page.

I am an Eeben nut, his music is so fun and strange. It's quite an acquired taste but you'll get it eventually.

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Hey look, new Stud:


#213a-213j Stud / Greetings, Fatherland! [stream]

Stud, now theres a name from the past. After not appearing on Kahvi for much time, Stud returns with (apparently) his final release under the artist name 'Stud'. Of course, we've heard before that he was retiring but since then theres been two more releases but this man of mystery from moscow never ceases to surprise. In this case, Greetings, Fatherland! (perhaps a reference to stage musicals of the old days?) is a pure example of idm at its best. Heavily influenced by Boards of Canada (Kahvi's favourite group) Stud produces some occasionally quirky but always exciting and interesting vibes. Gumcase is darkness defined, whereas shurup is nicely driven by quirky beats. A well balanced, well thought out and great to listen to release from Stud.

leave feedback

download album art download whole ep as mp3 (.zip)

be nice [stream]

respawn [stream]

gumcase [stream]

moan [stream]

transforming desire [stream]

shurup [stream]

nunchaku demo [stream]

confident gait [stream]

eighteen nerves [stream]

take care [stream]

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aer005 - Electronica Unplugged (Various Artists)


"Electronica unplugged, Aerotone’s fifth release, is the start of a series for the acoustic approach of electronic (influenced) music. This compilation consists of 10 tracks, made by 10 wonderful artists. By using guitars, pianos, double basses, violines or even accordion the artists create an electroacoustic work full of soft melancholy."

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Hey guys! Just letting you know, Camomille Music has a new web design. Way simpler than the last one :)

Additionally, the recent release is pretty... interesting. Check this out.

I listened through most of Camomille's past music recently and there's some pretty cool stuff. Lots of Blisaed, Xerxes, surasshu, Kaneel, and other artists with their own unique sounds.

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If you're interested, I've put a bunch of my original music on my humble website. Check it out if you'd like.


Right now, it's all metal, but I plan on uploading the hip hop stuff I've been working on too. Maybe I'll put up my old school electronic music that I've done so far too if someone writes on the message board that they'd like to see it. If you like anything you hear I'd love your opinions on the site's message board. More music will slowly but surely make it's way there.

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New Kahvi release:



#214a-214f Dream Generator / Glazed [stream]

Brilliant oldskool early nineties techno meets the latest up to date vibes. Dream Generator, hailing from Toronto, Canada, gives us a nice north american influenced six track, verging on the commercial but with the added ingredient of european idm influences. an interesting crossover ep between the two continents and definately a very listenable release. As the artist himself writes '"Glazed" is a small archive of selected early works made between 1995~2005, music produced after the semi-experimental album release of "Current Travels" also he comments that 'Production and artistic approach since has taken a radical change, with a new album currently in the works'. So expect more from Dream Generator on Kahvi at a later date.

leave feedback

download album art download whole ep as mp3 (.zip)

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Wow, this is an awesome thread. Thanks for all the links! now for one of my own.

This is a little 4-song ep I made in a week. It was a bit tricky to accomplish this, since I had to work around my job, internship, and volunteer work. It's electronic pop that often resembles video game music. Click the album art to download the zip file.


the hasty ep by KingTiger

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New Mono release by a newcomer :)

Date Release Id File info Artist Title 19/05/07 mtk.mp3.182 [5 tracks, 28 minutes, 53.3mb] Chromatic Flights

'Memories From The Audible Colour Wheel EP'


Message>> A debut, then, for Florida-based Kyle Wyss, under his electronic music alias Chromatic Flights, with the floating, serene indietronica of 'Memories From The Audible Colour Wheel EP' - some of the lusher, more indie-influenced instrumental grooves we've run across in a while.

Wyss is just 17 years old, and we'll let him explain: "This is my first solo EP (Memories from the Audible Colour Wheel), but I've been playing in an indie/experimental rock band for about 4 years. I decided over the past year or so that i wanted to make some even more experimental/acoustic organic indie with the advantages of electronic music while still using my own live samples of guitar, keyboard and vocals throughout."

So, for starters we have 'What Came To Life When The Toy Store Closed', all kinds of lush tinkly indie-ish grooves that reminds of Transient vs. some of the more expansive indie organgrinding oddities of recent years, before 'Trip To Wipilon' pops up, casually strummed guitar tailing off into ambient airwaves. From there, there's the radio tune-in of 'Dripped' before we end out with 'A Cold Drift By The Reef', which is happy and triumphant and reveals itself in carefully choreographed stages. An auspicious start, for sure.

Download Chromatic Flights' 'Memories From The Audible Colour Wheel EP' from: 1. "What Came To Life When The Toy Store Closed" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

2. "Trip To Wipilon" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

3. "Nado Con El Pulpo" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

4. "Dripped" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

5. "A Cold Drift By The Reef" - (d/l archive.org support.nl scene.org)

..or download the entire release [.ZIP link], stream, or review the track at its Internet Archive release page.

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New kahvi guest release :)


#215a-215d Blackberry / Selected Works [stream]

2007 is turning out to be a year for not only guest artists but very talented guest artists. blackberry is no exception with four of the most involving tracks to get into. Hailing from the former east germany, perhaps we have a little of the industrial roots appearing as an influence within his music. blackberry writes: - 'blackberry - a producer and sounddesigner from germany / dresden. he predominantly creates (unusual) electronic music beyond the mainstream in all its varieties: breakbeat, experimental, drum and bass, ambient (illbient) and much more is possible. no quantity - therefore: creativity, innovation and quality. this ep is focused on some fine selected works from floating ambient up to light-experimental downbeats.' Enjoy this work of art from blackberry.

leave feedback

download album art download whole ep as mp3 (.zip)

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Ladies and gentlemen, my new album The Address to Earth Mixtape is done! And it's a free download too! The links to the album are below the banner and the songs speak for themselves! *sniff* Finally, my baby's going to be released into the planet to fulfill a great commission!

http://www.zshare.net/download/a-ron_an_address_to_earth_mixtape-zip.html or


WARNING: This file is 50 MB. If you have a dial-up connection, find a place or internet cafe with a faster connection. If you're on DSL or high speed internet, go grab a coffee while you're waiting, or just browse. This may take a while.

So go ahead. Listen, love it, hate on it, spit on it; whatever! Just listen to it and take it with a grain of salt. If you don't like it, at least listen to track 7. It will definately give you an interesting outlook.

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This is a really nice thread, and good for those of us that don't listen to "mainstream" music. I don't have anything to contribute myself right now, but I do have a question.

Does anyone have a copy of Children of the Monkey Machine's album Septic Dreams? I really want to listen to it, but his website has been down for many months. I've been waiting for it to come back up, but to no avail. Nothing is coming up on Google, either. Can anyone help me out?

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