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Submission Fall-Through...

The Vodoú Queen

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I don't know if posting here is going to resolve the issue, but I do need help and I've contacted 3 different judges on the Panel about it via message on here, but to no avail and no reply.

I had sent an e-mail way back in early October 2021 for a submission, and the only thing I have received is the automated receipt notice e-mail, and nothing else. Unfortunately, I haven't had any correspondence since, and I have checked the Judging page several times as well... It's a bit bewildering and frustrating at this stage, as I've tried several times in private messaging to see what's up, and have waited. I am aware there's possiblilities of back log and it can take a month or two to even get to a submission, but it's going on half a year now. :(

Can I get some kind of update or reply to my messages?


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