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Guide to weird forum abbreviations!

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I guess you all missed the most obvious one :

OCR : OverClocked ReMix

Here are the other ones I can think of...

shittyjudgefgt : Quite self-explanatory...

WIP:O : Works In Progress : Other. Former name of the Non-ReMixes forum. (probably won't be used a lot anymore, though... well, it wasn't used a lot to begin with, actually)

CMC, TOMC, PRC, ORC, FLMC, OVGMC... stuff that usually ends with -RC (Remix Competition) or -MC (Music Competition) : Various contests more or less regularly held in Comwhatever (formerly GenDisc) as a lack of a dedicated forum yet.


12. OLR (OverLooked ReMix)

A site dedicated to mixes that were denied by the judges panel and/or removed from OC ReMix for one reason or another.

I think that's OC ReMoved you're talking about. OLReMixes are bad on purpose, and most of them would never had made it past the DJP auto-rejection email.

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Can I get some short background info on ReMix:thaSauce and kwed.org? Were they started by members or what? Just something for the writeup. Thank you.

R:tS was founded by Ramaniscence and other members of the VG ReMix community news site ThaSauce, and was originally an April Fool's Joke, but became legit later. It's pretty similar to OCR, with the most major difference being the loosened restrictions on quality control.

kwed.org is a site which specializes in remixes from Commodore 64 games. Pretty sure it was around before OCR.

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