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Final Fantasy 6 - Lookin' For Buddies

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Edit October 11.

One last revision here in this post. I added a couple tam tam hits, changed the timing of some triplets on the flute part, and also changed some notes because the reverb wasn't rendering correctly at on point....I altered the notes to get around that issue. Also made the drums just a tad more "wet", particularly the snare. Thanks!



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  • DarkeSword changed the title to Final Fantasy 6 - Lookin' For Buddies

I like the flute playing, and the arrangement generally sounds good. But, I miss the intro without the flute. It adds a lot of dramatic effect that up and down on the bass and the up up up on the strings and then BAM...the flute drops. With the flute coming in first thing I really miss hearing that.

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I like the spirit of the arrangement, the flute playing and rhythm  progression.

But it's short, it needs more development. Notably, you can add intro before the main melody. And also an outro. I find the ending too abrupt. 

The synthe between 1'30 and 1'50 is a little too loud for me.

Guitar sounds good, but it will much better with a real player. As for flute, if it's possible for you to record this.




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I actually just made myself a new sampled flute instrument in DirectWave. This new version was recorded in a room that wasn't as "live and ambient', and I also have four articulations (instead of two) that are chosen through velocity choice: sustain, two short articulations...double tongued...and a "legato" articulation that was played with no tongueing and a slower attack on the ADSR envelope for those samples. Also, I performed vibrato differently. I really get no time for live takes...I made the samples in 15 minutes because my wife had to pick up my daughter from school. If someone were to check my YouTube channel, they can see that I can play with a little bit of competence.

Also listening again, I think my drums are too dry, I think a multiband delay might be in order there. Also, I think I agree on those synth volumes, I also think the background pads are too loud...I actually already have an updated version that addresses the synth volumes issues.

Thanks for feedback, always appreciated. If I need another shot at this tune, I might add more to the beginning and end as you indicated also.

Edit: What do you think of the idea of a Picardy third at the end?

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Yes, what you've done with Directwave could be a good way to get a preview of what you need for the arrangement.

When you will be OK with your structure, I really invite you to record this with a real playing. If it's not possible, you can maybe find some one with the forum. 

Maybe a major chord could be a good idea to conclude. But I almost thought about a ending to get a longer arrangement (2'35, it's short). Maybe continue the rythme with harmony before you conclude with these repeted notes.

Drums are indeed a bit dry, notably snare.

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