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OCR Diablo2/D2X League!


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Can I request to move the server to USEast? The economy is more stable, there are more people on so it's easier to find games like baal runs etc., and more people on this forum tend to live over on the east coast as well.

edit: What time tonight?

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Well, I think aiming for this coming weekend, since we've got at least 4 days until then would be the best time right now. Still, people are on vacation, and others might be unable to get together.

Still, it's going to be hard the weekend of Otakon. So, either this coming weekend, or the weekend after Otakon.

I'm thinking 8:30pm EST, or maybe 10pm EST this weekend. Nothing too late, nothing too early. Gives everyone a time frame to shoot for.

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Why don't we just set a certain channel for us to idle in on weeknights? Then if someone is on, we can just introduce ourselves etc.

Whatever free weeknights I have for the rest of the week (probably Thursday and early Friday evening), I'll be in a channel called "ocremix". Anyone please feel free to join me, and meet up for gaming.

I'm not discouraging organized events, but a standard channel for random gaming might also be good. I don't have knowledge of how to run a chat bot well, so someone else might want to head this up -- just an idea.

P.S. /w *Master_Tenor :P

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