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Final Fantasy XI 'Fixed'

Demitri Omni

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I've actually been thinking today: I'm sooo homesick for Vana'diel. Not for FFXI, mind you. As I've mentioned already, it was just too much work and not enough fun for me. However, I desperately miss Vana'diel in general. I miss my Mog House, the cities, the NPCs, the deep culture beneath it all ...

My hope is that Square will explore Vana'diel further in future games. Or maybe release an offline varient of FFXI (in my dreams, I know). It just kills me that after all the time and money I spent on FFXI, I can't go back there without paying monthly for gameplay I don't really want. It's eating at me.

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You guys must play on some shitty servers... I've not had any of the problems with server economy or time restraints that you guys seem to.

I was on seraph. The economy was fine when i played, but when i came back there was alot of inflation. I remember a stack of fire crystals used to go for 1500, and i think they go for 2500 or 3000 gil now. and like i mentioned with the lizard gear, level 17 if i remember right was like 30k just for the chest.

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One of the major issues people had with Final Fantasy XI was fixed the other day, making it possible for new players to select the World (server) they wish to create a character on. Though some argue this should have been done to begin with, the main focus of 'assigning' people servers was for population control. They've implemented new servers and server software, and have since decided to allow people to create characters on whatever server they choose.

One of the major whines about the game from people.... fixed.

Now someone play the damn game with me.

If you had asked for someone to play it with you about a year ago I would have. 75 NIN/WAR on Ragnarok.

Not now though. lol Sorry.

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What do you mean?

Well, they're much more suited for defensive jobs like Monk and Paladin and Warrior. I have yet to try a mage, though I'm probably going to level everything to 20 on my Galka before I move something to 30 and work on the advanced jobs. I just decided to create him just to screw around with. Nearly finished the chocobo license quest for him.

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