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Japanese Remixes


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Wow, this track is all sorts of awesome:


I did not expect to hear a dubstep version of "You Are Not Alone" in 8-bit.


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Meh. Only the cutesy and high-pitched vocal nonsense. And all the ones with singers who can't hit notes. Also the tracks with god-awful production and the thousands of straight covers. I suppose just about everything associated with fanon, too.


Maybe scorched-earth is the way to go after all.

might simply
a decent
to show
the treasure amidst all the trash.

(that is...

, ryu umemoto, post-rock,
, eeriness, folkish something or another,
, happy electronic, four-hands piano,
, 'industrial rock', electro house ish, rock, rhodes+jazz, mmmmm, and house, respectively. all instrumentals. ordered so there's a decent flow between tracks.)

Always up for accepting and giving recommendations. Alternately: see sig for more.

Gotta re-dl that celestia zip. Took forever and still borked. Though I might just skip to some of the others on that mp3 game arrangement site since there are already too many squeenix remixes dohoho

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Negima: WAY TO RUIN IT no of course that's cool; that was the point of including descriptions.

Hell, I didn't think anyone would bother, since there are plenty of good reasons to be more than mildly irritated at Touhou; I just felt like making a defense of a small part of it due to thread relevance. Shameless plug not a factor no sir.

You take that back yana is a goddess among mortals <3

Absolutely. But that's sexy, not cutesy.

And you stay away from her she's mine.

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A lot of people give the touhou community a bad rep, and for good reason, but it's hard to ignore how much FUCKING AMAZING MUSIC comes out of comiket and reitaisai. Seriously groups like FELT and <echo>project and Shibayan etc are almost too good to be spending time arranging vg tunes, but they do it anyway.

Though I heard that newly released *original* Shibayan track, and I wasn't as impressed as I was with his Touhou stuff, like the original melody really seems to help, as different as he makes it.

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