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Shadow of the Colossus Rock Remix

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Hey dudes just wanted to chime in and say that this is def shaping up to be a kick ass mix.

One thing that has been killing me though is that damn open hat/crash that is goin throughout almost the entire piece. It sounds great in places but is over used. About half through the song I wanna stop listening because of it. Which kinda sucks cause the song has lots of really strong points that make you wanna listen and enjoy.

The sections like the one that starts at :42 IMO would sound a helluva lot better with a closed hat playing a different rhythm. Also maybe instead of using the same open hat/crash rhythm throughout try to give it more variations so it flows more in sync with the guitar. As is bc of it's repetative nature it starts to take away attention from the guitar and redirect it to itself.

It's cool if you dudes wanna keep it that way, I just wanted to voice my opinion bc this song is def kick ass and has room to be even more kick ass IMO. If you were looking to change it but don't feel like doin hell I'll redo all of the hats and crashes for the entire song.

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Thanks for the feedback, avaris. There are quite a few changes I've made to the drums like adding more variation, used a different snare, and a couple of other things that help keep the song from getting too boring and/or repetitive. I'll upload the final mix when it's done for some more feedback before we submit this thing.

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I mentioned it earlier in the thread, but I could also record bass if you like. If B33J is going to do it that's great, I don't want to take the chance away from him or anything, but I'd love to contribute to this. If you want me to, hit me up on AIM at Pogo708 or just PM me.

EDIT: Also, going by ear, the bass pretty much just follows the rhythm guitar, right? It sounds fine when I play it like that, but I just want to make sure that I'm playing it correctly.

One last thing; can someone help me out with the part right around 0:54, where the bass drops lower during the quick part on the acoustic (Reverb'd piano in Sixto's)? I can't seem to figure that part out. Thanks!

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The lower part is a C# that's lower than the E string.

What I did was go up an octive on the A string. You'll be able to hit it if you have a 5 string, of course.

Either play the song with that octave higher or try and do some post work to lower that section down an octive, eh?

P.S.- i might buy that Line 6 Tone Port tonight..

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The viola part (played by yodaisbetter) has yet to be recorded. Hopefully that will be happening soon.

The bass part B33J has given up so if anyone (like DeathBySpoon) wants to pick it up, by all means do. PM me for the midi of the song.

Sixto will be working on the final mix once these parts are done, so let's get to it!!

Again, I can't thanks everyone involved with is as well as the encouragement we are getting from the whole community. Very little is left on this song so let's get crackin!

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The progress so far is awesome!

I have been HOPEING someone would pick up on some Shadow of the Colossus tracks to remix. I love this game... however I am having problems placing which song it is. I do own the soundtrack so if you told me what track number it is I could pop in the CD and check it out!

I saw it was listed as "Counter Attack" and "The Opened Way" except I think all the songs are in Japanese on the case... I'll have to find it and look.

Great job everyone! I just listened to all 3 variations so far in a row!

I'll be sure to save this to the HD and abuse it over the speakers when its done!!

Looking foward to the bass and viola bits added.

I wonder if there maybe some guitar shredding that will be added? :)

A little Paul Gilbert, if you will haha

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Okay, I give up. No matter what I do with this TonePort thing settings wise, i cannot make it sound good enough for this song.

DeathBySpoon, good luck to ya man.


:( That sucks. Line6's bass sims were pretty kick-ass, I thought.

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I've been doing a lot of research on Line 6's website and forums for people with similar problems. I've a few things to try when I get home today.

I'll probably record something and post it on here anyways so you can hear what i'm talking about.

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I don't know. By the way, sorry for the clipping in that, too.

I can't hear the twang of the strings when I play.. Dunno.. maybe it's my crappy bass..

What do you think Sixto? Think that bass will be fine (without the clipping naturally)?

I want my bass to sound like the bass in Wicked Six.

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How is this project coming along? :)

Ranchier and heavy maybe good.... these are Colossi... huge creatures of mystery and fantasy... The bass should kinda sound like their roar I think :)

Its kinda neat... I'm watching this project for the updates and all hah.

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Come on, guys! Gogo!


We really need to get this mix done! Sefire and ceili Just beat us to the punch as the first SotC remix! :P We need to show 'em SotC can ROCK too.

But for now their mix is pretty sweeeeeet.

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Okay I'm setting a deadline for this project since we've all had quite a bit of time to work on it.

Instrument recordings: Whoever is doing the bass part, let's try to have it done by Sunday of next week. Same goes for the viola part. We want to get these done so the final mix can be started.

Final mix: If you haven't already, mix up the drums for some variation and possibly prepare a bass part in case we don't get one recorded.

Other than that, you might want to type up a short little blurb about your work on the mix so when we do submit it, we have comments from everyone involved in the process.

By next Sunday, JUNE 24 we should have

-A viola part recorded from yodaisbetter

-A bass part from either B33J or DeathbySpoon

-Drum and guitar tracks ready to be mixed with the other instruments by Sixto.


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Excellent Sixto. I just sent a midi to DeathBySpoon since he wanted to take a shot at the bass part. I will be contacting yodaisbetter to get a recording of the viola part this weekend. The end of the tunnel is in sight!

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