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Shadow of the Colossus Rock Remix

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If possible, I'd like to get two bass tracks, unprocessed and processed. Or only the dry track if DeathBySpoon wasn't planning on processing it any. Same with the viola tracks, I'd like to get dry tracks along with separate tracks with any kind of processing you'd like to add.

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Sorry sorry! I've been busy this past week and my website's proxy script was deleted so i couldn't check the forums here. damn commies, anyway...

I PM'd you Sixto with my crappy version of the bass in WAV.

The bass quality sounds no where near DeathBySpoon's, but it's playing different notes. I dunno.. tell me what you think. Scrap it if you want.

And sorry DbS for this 'late submission', so to speak!! :-(

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Just finished the recording! I'll upload the wav now and PM Cerrax the link when it's done. If B33J's is better than mine, use his, I'm not sure if this is good enough or not. Hopefully it is, but either way, this is gonna be an awesome song. It's finally almost done!

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When you get a chance, could you let us bassist know which one you guys decided to use so we can submit our "user info" or whatever we need for the final submitting? Like our user ID and a quick sentence or two about the song, "submitter comments" or whatever it is?

tanx u :<

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Ohh I just read the review! Is the version that was submitted available to be heard?

I cant wait for the finished product

Check the first post of this thread or go to Remix: ThaSauce.

The song is getting finishing touches that we do not want to reveal until submission time.

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