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Made a lot more sense after reading the dude's "rant" n'shiz.

Anyway, back to the main topic of this thread: In case anyone has missed what's going on, The Wingless just increased the diameter of his testicles. His rise to wealth and fame is almost complete. Soon, he must appoint an apprentice, and teach him the ways of bearing the burden of a cumbersome wang.

Fanboys, commence shameless and insincere flattery!!!!

<3 Wingless. His moosiks pwn.

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Actually that wasn't even officially the Spartan from DOA4 either. Rather than make up his own female Spartan, he just decided to use the number for one that we didn't know all that much about.

One thing, the incredible action sequences which I believe are original (or which I just haven't seen before) are really brought down by the moves taken from The Matrix. If you're going to go through the trouble to make something this badass on your own, go the extra mile and put in some more effort so that it's ALL yours instead of just some of it. I didn't mind the use of the soundtrack for the Burly Brawl and the same slow-motion timing as the movies so much, but rather the fact that even some of the moves were based on what they did there.

Creating an original Spartan and giving her a new identity is better than creating an original Spartan and trying to fit her to somebody that already "exists" (even though the DOA4 Spartan is sort of an anomaly).

Edit: Oh, and I know I'm sounding harsh, but that's just because I thought that this movie was so damn amazingly well done that the tiny problems I had with it seem huge in comparison. It's amazing, really.

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That video was very well done. And it was made possible through awesomness.

Awesomeness can be found in many states. Awesome ideas are found through people such as djpretzel and ocr.

Awesome music comes from people such as the wingless. Awesome is in everyone you just have to find it. /endcheesyspeech

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