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ANTIGRAVITY - new album available / new zircon website!


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I'll see what I can do about advertising. There's probably a way to put something up at work for people to see it without being obtrusive and e-mailing everyone (our incompetent admin staff complains about social-related e-mails being sent to everyone). Maybe leave iTunes up all day with a copy Antigravity up for people to listen to over the network (you can share iTunes libraries over a network without actually transferring the MP3 files) and a note to check out your site or something.

As for the sax, ever heard of the Flecktones? They're a jazz band led by Bela Fleck, an electric/acoustic banjo player, and their reed player, Jeff Coffin, does all kinds of things. He has a set of pedals larger than some guitarists. Anyway, check out track 7, Subterfuge, at this link for an idea of the kind of thing I think would work. Most of the song is just acoustic sax without much/any effects on it, but near the end of the track, they kind of spontaneously start playing Come Together by the Beetles; the banjo does melody first, followed by the sax; you can hardly tell it's a sax. When I saw it live, Jeff used an auto-harmonizer on the Come Together part; it sounded awesome. I should mess around with sax effects over Throwdown this week; it'd be fun to see what kind of stuff I can do with guitar rig.

EDIT: I should also say that the sax is a bit whinier than I'd think would work well for Throwdown, and also that there wouldn't *have* to be effects; I just think it'd be neat to use them.

Thanks for the list of influences; I've spent my budget for music and stuff for the next couple months between Antigravity and a couple jazz albums and Battery 3, but I'll keep them in mind for when I have expendable cash again :)

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Antigravity is such a great album.

For those of you out there that might be thinking about getting this album, I'm telling you now, you will NOT, I repeat, NOT, be disappointed. It's got a little bit of everything for everyone. And to date, in my own personal opinion, it's Zircon's best album, hands down.

I've enjoyed both Phasma Elementum and Impulse Prime, and now, Antigravity. I'm so very psyched to see what Zircon has in store for us next.

So please, support Zircon, grab his album from CDBaby, iTunes, or his store on his web site, Zircon Studios, and be prepared for sonic bliss.

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Thanks for the comments guys!!! Don't forget to write a review at www.cdbaby.com/zircon3 if you liked it.

Also, "Breathing You In" just hit Track of the Week on Garageband.com's Trance category. Rock.

Ownage. That's possibly the best song on the album. I admit, I enjoyed the whole album, but Breathing You In totally stands head and shoulders above the other tracks.

Congrats Zircon!

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