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ANTIGRAVITY - new album available / new zircon website!


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I've heard a few of these since the WIP stage, and I gotta say Andy, I think this CD is going to be an excellent showcase of your talent. Here's to hoping it'll land in the "right" hands :)

I could say something great about each track I've heard, but I'll just simply say that it's all excellent stuff!

especially Nitronic... lol

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Even though I'm already in line for the "real" thing with my CD preorder, I'm curious about the technical aspects of the downloads.

Would you be encoding with FLAC 1.1.4 for full CD-quality, and LAME 3.97's -V 2 --vbr-new setting for MP3? Just curious if you know or heed the recommendations of those audio compression enthusiasts over at the Hydrogen Audio boards. ^^

And I'll definitely tell one of my co-workers (who happens to be a sound guy as a second job!) about this album. Can't say for sure if he'd go for it, but the guy likes some pretty obscure stuff. :)

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Pimped out with bandwidth, eh? Must be nice. 8)

320Kbps could possibly be a waste of space for many (and it's not a Good Idea™ for them to re-encode), but I suppose it's really not a huge deal. Either way, you get sweet mass-defying beats exuding from those bits.

Awesomeskatez. And now I wait... patiently, yes yes... o.o

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Hmm...I just noticed that Impluse Prime is available in amazon.com...interesting...

Don't buy it from there. The people selling it through Amazon are not "authorized" distributors, they basically just list product that they don't have, mark it up, and buy inventory when they get an order. If you buy from them you will never receive anything because IP is currently sold out. ;)

Hey Zircon, which company releases your albums?, cuz I live in Argentina and Ill have to import them.

I can't order via internet cuz I have no international credit card. :'(

PD: and again, where are the fucking smilies?!?!?

Unfortunately CDBaby is my only physical, mail-order distributor. I will have some retail distribution too but it's US-only.

Your best bet is to try for a digital copy.. iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, one of those companies. If you can get Paypal you'll be able to buy a physical copy that way too.

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