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New OCR Podcast - Possiblity?

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I agree with Coop. I think that making your own podcast about OCR is a great way to start getting involved with the community in the first place, and a "fresh perspective" is definitely needed; a podcast about OCR should be accessible to people who don't frequent the site, and having a host who is discovering things about the community makes it that much more real.

Don't worry too much about getting involved with the "community" first. Just do it and keep doing it. If you do a good job and people like it, then all the better.

That's a really good way to put it. That's exactly what I want to do.

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I'm a one man show! :tomatoface:

You had a lot of recurring "backup" characters [like "Mustin"]. I dunno if VGF would've been as memorable without... wait, I can't remember that one dude's name. Southern accent guy, you know? SUPPORT HAS FALLEN

Seriously though, fuck podcasts, those are too canned. I want LIVE RADIO ACTION again.

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