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Album Art Please!

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Earlier I was organizing my iTunes music (long over do) and I was also grabbing album cover art for my albums that had no picture. I'm kind of a perfectionist about organization, so I always make sure that every song has it's appropriate information, including album cover art.

Then I got to my OC ReMix's... 1400+ songs, ALL without any album art.

I'm fairly sure there's no actual album, but I'm officially requesting an image (a square one), or even multiple images to choose from, so that I can assign my OCR's to some art.

: )

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Why not just pick the image from the site header? Like this:


Not very pretty, but you get the idea. Of course, it would look better with the letters "OCR" in the middle there. Maybe ask DJP :)

(edit: Apparently, Zircon is using an avatar that looks just like what I described there: ocrjudge_bg.gif)

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