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  1. ooooo i am very fond of that one. I think it captures the whole 'OCR spirit'. Looks great, thanks. -Kozmo
  2. I've always been a big fan of VHD and he DEFINITELY has not lost his touch. I agree with DJP with the focus on balance throughout, because there is a constant, flowing wall of sound during almost all of the piece. Great stuff, I only regret getting it once a year. Well, kinda like Christmas. In late August.
  3. good question. i'd kinda like to know too if anyone has any ideas. Right now, i'm just gunna download the whole thing and then delete the duplicates.
  4. beautifully written with a great choice of instrumentation. This has quickly become one of my favorites of djp's mixes. Very emotive, and at the same time something is always moving in the song. Its a great song to listen to when you are down because of this. Some slower songs achieve the same level of sadness and emotion, but this is one of the few to capture that feeling while keeping the song interesting, unpredictable, and refreshing.
  5. Beautiful. Epic. I could listen to this song forever. It has the power to conjure such images and the momentum carries me away everytime i listen to it. Immpeccably made. I am very fond of the strings, especially when there is a simple chord between a lower sound and an upper sound. Extremely impressive, Nigel.
  6. Didn't think i would like it as i listened to the first few seconds (trying not to judge), but this song is freakin' beautiful! The percussion had some good snare and high hat work, the muted guitar was a wonderful addition, and when the piano takes the melody towards the end it sounds great. High quality sounds all across the board. My favorite part has to be where the guitar intially rips into the main melody at almost one minute. Really took me back. The minor sounding lower string notes at the end (3:26, 3:35) really gave the ending another dimension apart from the rest of the Remix and made the ending memorable for me. Great mix, suzumebachi.
  7. Very soothing. Whenever i need to think about something or just slow down, this song is great. It's perfect for reflection and the sound is not oppresive in the least-- it just sits in the background and lets you drink it in. I don't mind how it meanders at all, mostly because while you listen to it that is what your mind is doing. Like DJP said, it kind of wanders, but with focus and direction. Just like a thought pattern. Really nice work, Vigilante.
  8. very well done. I was also really fond of the opening piano as well as the instrumental interlude at about 2:00. The lyrics are very well written and the harmony is great. I think that the TH's and the S's need to be articulated more in the singing-- they sounded kind of lisped. Very unique and adds a great new flavor to OCR. I'm liking the pop sound-- for some reason reminded me of the mighty mighty bosstones. Voice? Who knows. Great work Salzman. Keep away from the guides, kids. Stay in school.
  9. I am very fond of both mixes on this site by BogusRed. Her work is so emotive and flowing, and the upper-register gets me every time. I find myself caught up in the parts like 2:30, when the song is really flowing and moving. Not really any big complaints here. One of the few instances in which i just want to express myself as a big fan and say that I am most certainly looking forward to more.
  10. very creative and well executed. I like the cleverness of the lyrics. The key change was a bit questionable-- i dont think that it worked because after the key change the tone and mood seemed off
  11. i like the variety displayed. I think that the fight sequence adds a whole, new, and unexpected element to the song at the perfect moment. Animal sounds worked well. Great work.
  12. great song with explosive energy and kick ass guitar solos abound. I like the intro a lot and the first solo after the first chorus. Great lyrics that stick with you for quite a while. However, you have to laugh at the mispronounciation of a few of the words to fit the meter. (barrage, Goliath, etc.). Heard some of Game Over's other stuff, and I can't wait to hear more.
  13. as djp said, the recording leaves a lot to be desired, but i am very fond of the emotion in the arrangement and the way in which the piece moves. I'm a sucker for piano...
  14. Even though i'm not intimately familiar with this game, I have a found a great fondness for 'You are not alone' (this track) ever since I started looking around on OCR. I do like this mix a lot and feel that it is a good relaxing/chillin song. It is a different representation than a lot of the others, but in this context that is a good thing. I have to say that if I had one complaint about it. It was that the synth playing the main melody just played around with it, playing bits and snippets. That kinda bugged me because i kept waiting for the main melody to rip through the rest of the song and start dominating, but it kinda just messed around with it. Kinda irked me, but not enough to throw the song. Can't believe i just said irked. Edit:melody comes in at 3:26 on a smooth sounding synth and I couldn't be happier about it.
  15. great song with a very infectious beat. As many others have said, it is very impressive that Disco Dan could make this so interesting and yet so long. I really like the section with the arpeggios at about 2:15. It really sets the stage for the rest of the song and is great to listen to. One of my ocr favorites.
  16. if you mean "Finding Nemo", then I'm sorely upset. Just kidding. Anyways, I hate to be the one to say it, but the intro immediately made my mind turn to Final Fantasy 3(American) Boss music. Listen to the first 2 seconds of it and then think of the very beginning of the boss music. DIE-HARD SQUARE FAN!
  17. I think that the lyrics are very well written. I am more than content with the way they are executed. They are obviously the prominent part of the mix, but the synths provide a beautiful body of water for the boat of the lyrics to sail on, to make a sappy metaphor. The repeated no worries, no fears, etc hit home well, especially with headphones, due to the bouncing back and forth from side to side. Overall, the lyrics give the mix a great sense of potential and kinetic energy, which arkimedes uses to his advantage in a most satisfying way. Very enjoyable.
  18. i like this song a very lot. The melody and the first lyrics stick with me throughout the day, and I can't stop listening to it. The lyrics themselves are well written and well-sung, though there are a few parts that raised an eye-brow. I was very impressed. Needless to say, I've also listened to the Ninja Gaiden ReMix by silent, which is also great, and you should check out if you haven't yet. Still waiting for more with baited breath, silent. Help a brother out.
  19. great transitions. I like how the intro comes back at the end with the accelerando and key sig effects. The 'requiem of spirit' theme fits perfectly between the end of the brass and percussion-laden 'bolero of fire' and the 'song of storms'. The 'requiem of spirit' makes one final entrance at the very end of the piece, where the melody is played once after the 'song of storms'. I felt that this completed the piece perfectly. Great sounding brass samples. Another great orchestral piece for Unknown. Keep it comin'; I love it.
  20. i like this song a lot. i think that the string chords in the background really enhance the overall sound. The bass sounds great when it enters, but when the guitar chords and strumming enter after it, the notes sound really atonal. This was one of the first remixes i listened to when i joined, and i dont really know why, but those bass notes bother me a lot. Once they are out of the picture for a while (0:48) I really take an intense liking to the mix. It's very clean and pronounced.
  21. perfect balance of drums and synths makes this feel so peaceful that i can help but imagine bright summer days on the edge of a wood.
  22. great christmas song in general, beautiful musicianship, perfect integration of mario themes into classic holiday songs
  23. I noticed that a lot of people make 6 or so posts and then are never heard from again. Perhaps they wandered into unmod territory. I think i'll take a tour soon enough, but hey, i eat unmod boards for breakfast with a pinch of salt. But really i dont. Thats gross. o and i just added a page fifty to this thread
  24. this isn't the kind of song that you can sit and purposely listen for something, cuz it probably wont come and it will make you think this song is crap (Protricity) you gotta just sit through the whole song without paying so much attention to the fine details. It will add to the empty feeling and show you what the remixers were going for. I like it, but i would say 6 or 7/10
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