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FF 9 You're not alone! (Club Mix)


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I am first time requesting a track in here...

I love FF 9's song You're not alone a lot and I want someone to remix it. =)

Request Genre: Trance,Techno or Club remixes.

Post a comment to here if you are going to remix this...

Your Friend: Lindar

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I also love this track! =D

But infortunately I haven't liked much any of the existing remixes... none of them are up to the original song, IMHO.

I know it's unlikely, but I'd like another remix of it! Also love eletronic music, but I feel that's not the right style for this song!

Remixers welcome! ;)

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And my thing is that I would love just another FFIX remix in general!!

Maybe a more cohesive battle theme I can put on a CD then a fun 'lil thing to listen to once in a while.

There are a TON of tracks on that soundtrack.

There are 16 current remixes of FFIX here on OCReMix and 5 of those are of this song in request.

I thought the Qu's Marsh remix was very cool along with Black Magic Synthesis (though it is the song that blew out my computer speakers bass).

I have been waiting to see if the Black Mages will include more FFIX material on there upcoming 3rd CD...

All I'm saying is that another FFIX remix would be awesome (Its my favourite Final Fantasy game next to VI) however can we maybe do one or two others before going back to "You Are Not Alone"?

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I mean the standard battle theme (named 'Battle 1' - very original name :-P )

Ahh yes Battle 1. Its a good one :)

I actually think FFIX had some of the best battle music in the Final Fantasy games (I dont remember X's themes and I havent played X-2, XI, or XII)

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Hmm. I already tried to remix this once into an epic trance piece... and it failed miserably.

I might consider doing something less trancy but more leaning towards underground house / club on this track. IF appreciated of course.

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Has anyone ever thought about that "Festival of the Hunt" tune to remix? I think it's under Battle 2 or 3, not sure. There's already a piano Remix of it already, but what about like a classical or jazz tune?

NeoS =o

Oh My God! your version is so nice! =O

Why is this so short?

can you make it longer?

I have added you to my MSN..

come there and we can talk more =)

Your Friend: Lindar

"This is so beautiful remix NeoS...thank you

please make it longer..*

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