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OCR Emulation Tournament 4: Super Gem Fighter: Mini Mix


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I got good news, I'm going to make my own kaillera server, But I was thinking would it be ok if I named the server "ORC remix server" I think it will make it easier for us to play each other, not only for competitions but for fun also.

You have to remember that it's very likely none of us will play on it. About half of the players in the two tournaments are in British Columbia, California, or Arizona. Furthermore, with the disappearance of fragbox, I'm pretty much using DaRoms exclusively. I'd love to see you do it, but I can't guarantee that any of us are going to use it (except maybe you, Koi, and Atma)

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Gem Fighter final:

Goldenkrnboi vs. Mike231

Best 5-of-9 match.

Please play this match soon. I know Golden is MIA off-and-on a lot so if this game isn't done by Wednesday I'm going to get very suspicious.

Also, the winner needs to fly the next selected game by me ASAP so that I can figure out everything I need to do to the format.

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