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OCR00748 - Final Fantasy VI "Ruined Skies"

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Cool percussive synths, and a brand new feel to the original track.

Things were clicking pretty well until the piano, which seemed too dry and lonely up there. The supporting synth that came in next on the right side was kindof ugly, but the backing beats and synths held down the fort. The lead guitar sound was weak too.

Overall a great concept, with a really great arrangement, and mostly pulled off soundscape, but the leads needed a lot more care put into them with modulation and velocity. The backing track sounded alive, but the leads were totally dead sounding.

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I always considered the original track to be simultaneously somewhat sorrowful and hopeful. Which is, of course, precisely the tone for the World of Ruin. But of the two, I feel that the hopeful is the slightly dominant one.

On the other hand, this ReMix is a perfect inversion: the same blend, but with the sorrowful part dominant. It just works, and this is one of my favourite OC ReMixes. I can find little to fault, and overall I love it. I agree in parts and fragments with some of the existing comments, but I lack the will to read every single one to see if I totally agree with any.

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I have to say this is one of my top 3 remixes on my list... and I've been a lurker/listener since around 2000-2001 when I found the site. The part just before the 5-minute mark and slightly thereafter is utterly amazing. Like others before me have said, the song is so full of sorrow until that point, where the tone completely changes (at least to my untrained ears). At that point, I feel as though the party has found each other and have devised their endgame plan to attack Kefka's tower and finally end his evil schemes. Well done, Orkybash! :)

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Was scratching my head until the choir came in (good atmosphere choice). Unfortunately, the arrangement remains basic and unexciting. The potential is definitely there; it just feels like there is a lot of empty space. I guess this is fine for old OCR, but there's too little for too long IMO. 

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR00748 - Final Fantasy VI "Ruined Skies"

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