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FAC - Fan Art Competition 12: Super Mario Brothers [RESULTS]


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Id finish up my origianl submission but too many things or happening in life right now either with work or family. Ill probably be more active once im back in school but right now its not looking so good :[

I still blame the damn forum changes. This would have gotten SO many entries

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Next month let's do Resident Evil... maybe the contest will, y'know, come back from the dead as a zombie contest, or something?

Sorry, I have time for slightly witty remarks, but alas no time for drawing =(

Maybe tommorow I'll draw up a bonus entry. Today is.... I shouldn't even be wasting time looking at this board =p

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lawl, I knew that would happen. Last night came around and I got screwed out of the internets. In any case, I've been up till now (6:00am) reformatting. And I got it back! woooo. To late for my entry, but at least I won't have anymore computer grief. :-Deven though I'm still a little freaked out at what appears to be the virus still on my computer....

Anyway, If these are still being archived like all the others, don't put mine there atma. I'll post the completed one when that time comes. Noooot that it wouldn't have just been blown out of the water by OA's composition anyway. Beeeeauuuuuutiful!

Edit: On a side note... even though there should've been a million entries, I'm glad to see there weren't just 2. Good work people.

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