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Brainwork EP


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OOooo yeeehh... been looking forward to this.... Recognise some of these, glad to finally have the final releases!

Definate favorite is Image 3, but I'm also loving Image 6 and Image 1.

I shall be pimping this out to all I know! Nice stuff dude, well done! :D

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Hey dude this sounds rad. Reminds me a bit of This Binary Universe.

The album has a very unified feel while at the same time exploring different emotions with each song. Kudos on the artwork too it matches the feel of the album.

My fav is Image 5...has an awesome feel to it. Gives me images of a calm sunday afternoon or an innocent childhood. Very strong piece.

I will def be listening to the whole album. Images 1,3, and 6 are my next favs.

...friggin sweet yo can't wait to hear music like this. :)

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Very good stuff Skrypnyk.

Like what other people say, Image 3 is my favorite too. It has the most definite bass, so it's quite a bit catchier. A really nice electronic-glitch jazz, so to speak. Maybe take these as hints on how to produce future albums?

The other songs are quite nice ambiently. Go good for background music or putting on when you want to take a nap during the day.

Only complaint is that the album's too g'damn short!! :-P

And what was up with the piece for the last 1/4 of Image 5?

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This is great. I can't believe nobody said anything about Image 4. That's definitely my favorite track here. IMO It provokes a lot of interesting "imagery", especially given the title of the EP.

All in all, while this may not be music for everyone, it's a very creative and cool EP. This is something that I can see myself listening to in the future while surfing the web or doing homework or something of that nature.

Very cool stuff, I can't wait to hear more!

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