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OCR00761 - Mega Man 2 "The Tallest Building"

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Nice twinkly piano intro that sounded really nice, but could have been a little more humanized with velocities. It had a nice natural flow to it, and the backing strings were good, but the cello had too slow of an attack.

Cool transition into the main part of the track though, cute SFX.

Though it gets a little cluttered in the mid-highs it's still pretty effective, and the themes transition well into each other. There are a lot of good cameos, and the synths are generally pretty full of character.

For an old mix, it's pretty good stuff. Check it.

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This game is my favorite of the 8bit generation, and this piece is one of my definite childhood moment.

It starts slow & build up nicely, much like the original.

The rendition is true to its roots: dynamic, with very proheminent melody, and the drum programming is clean & effective.

The thematic material is well incorporated, with smooth transitions in-between parts.

Around 1:50 & 3:00, the song really sounds like it could fit in any recent Rockman soundtrack.

Which mind you, is even more compelling to me!

And it ends with the classic 'megaman exit' sfx, right on schedule.

This remix is seven years old, but hasn't got a single wrinkle.

A must-listen for fans of the blue-bomber and OCremix enthusiasts alike!

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Really enjoyed the intro, felt it had more substance than the breakout. The breakout is enjoyable in it's own right, sounds like a goo upgrade to the original source tunage. The piano was def the best part of the mix, really loved the intro!

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