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What is a 5th SAW wave?

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I use to own a program called melody assistant that had a sound in it called "the 5th saw wave". It's a very unique sound and I would like to know where I can find a good quality version of it. I've attempted emulating it with software synthesizers but I'm getting knowhere. There is one that is found in most onboard midi synths, but that sounds like crap, it dosn't have the twinge to it that the one that melody assistant has. Any help would be appreciated. It also had a synth lead on the sound bank that came with melody assistant that I really liked alot also but can't find it anywhere or emulate it. it's very important to me in a mix i'm making. :(

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Yeah, the general idea is two saw oscillators, one of them tuned a fifth higher. It's a pretty common preset on synths.

The sound you linked has some additional "fatness" to it that you might not get from just firing up your favorite VST and dialing in a saw wave. You could try slapping a chorus on it or fiddle with the fine tuning so the oscillators aren't quite in sync with each other. It's got some reverb on it too, I think :)

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