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MEETUP: OCR NYC July 29th (and possibly an August date)


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I went to NYClan today to check it out... it's really not that big a deal to go there (it's a block away from the Christopher Street station). As soon as I walked in the door one of the regulars (who obviously didn't know me) came up to me and gave me pounds. He introduced himself as Mike, and showed me around the small place. They have big screen TVs with nearly every competition game you can think of (from all eras), and you can be however hardcore about it as you want. They also serve food.

It's one thing if people don't have the interest, but I just want to say that going there would not be difficult to manage.

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I just can't do it on the 27th to 29th. Any other day is fine. What kind of food do you want? I'm big into japanese food, but only really for more intimate gatherings like 4 or 5 people. If it's any more than that, your choices are very limited.

I ate again at Hip Hop Chow for its waffle house weekend the other week. I'm sad to say that it was a disappointment. There was a change in its recipe for chicken and waffles. :( I think the other standard places I go to eat are pretty much how I left them. In addition, I ate at Momofuku Noodle Bar/Cafe earlier in the summer. Nice atmosphere, food was only mediocre. It had more of a bar/counter type setup so having even a group of 4 would be troublesome. Other places I like: Otafuku (not a sitdown place), Rai Rai Ken (bar/counter), Sobaya, Paul's Palace, Blue Nine (though they did close down for health violations before), Mamoun's for falafels, Village Yoko Cho, and almost any random indian restaurant on E. 6th St. except for that one where my friend got food poisoning from, Dallas BBQ and Gray's Papaya. I guess that about sums up my list for the East Village anyway.

If you have any more questions, just ask. I'm usually on the ocremix irc channel though. You'd probably get a more immediate answer from me there.

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AE's doing a show with virt and prozax in NYC on July 29th apparently... perhaps he can post more details, whether the meetup occurs on this date or not (I can't make it any time in July, but might be good for August)...

oh man that SUCKS im gonna be away that week noooooooooooooo

but yeah same here august works more if anything

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