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FRUITY LOOPS 101 - PLEASE direct -ALL- FL questions here


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Wow, I still have to search through this whole thread, it's so big! 8O8O

But, I just had a quick question - don't have my keyboard controller yet (took 9 years of piano so I think I'll be able to do more dmg with a controller) so I was messing around with knobs (I am teh "knob newb!") and was wondering: How would I record my actions on the knobs? For example, right now I'm playing the "duda_drumsynth" loop that comes with the demo in the "cool stuff" folder, and I'm on the controls for the "3x funk" in the "INS" menu. I'm twisting the "ATT" knob (attack?) which, when dialed in to the left, will cause a guitar-strum sound. When dialed to the right, this will cut out completely. I was just messing around and find I can create some interesting rhythms by twisting the knob in time with certain beats of the loop. So how would I go about recording these actions as though I were playing that "live?" Or, would I have to find some way to program this into the pattern. I find that when I do this with various loops I create, usually the rhythm I create over them by twisting knobs runs longer than the length of one loop.


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Using the record button you can automate knobs. Or, for even more complex patterns, you can use an event editor. Using FruityLoops plugins, just right-click on a knob and menu appears. Select Edit Events. The graph before you is an x:y graph where the x axis is time and the y axis is the responding variable.


Can't wait for the FAQ to be compiled here.

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I have a stupid question. How do you add reverb to percussion instruments? Like- I know how to add reverb to say strings etc, but not percussion. SO. Can anyone help me here? Because, I love the squidfont orchestral percussion kit, but there is hardly any reverb, so i need to add some, but when i raise the little R bar, nothing happens, nothing changes. Help.

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R is not Reverb. R is the "Release" stage of an envelope; the higher the R, the longer the note will continue after you release it, slowly decreasing in volume.

Reverb is another thing entirely. For that, I would suggest looking at the basic help, like DarkeSword said, because it's not the type of question that anybody feels like answering (It's like answering "How do I put a note on the PlayList?" but it takes a lot longer to answer :P).

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Alright. Check it out. I'm going to teach you how to use effects.

Pay attention.

When you open a channel window, look at the upper right corner of the window and you'll see a small box with a digital display in it. You can click and drag this box up or down to change the number inside. The number inside corresponds to an FX Channel. All the sound from your Generator Channel (ex. the soundfont player) will go through that FX Channel.

Now press F9.

A window will pop up. This is the mixer. Select the FX Channel you set your generator to. Notice the drop down menus in the bottom half of the window. Click on the arrow button and go to Select.


Fruity Reverb is one of the effects.

Enjoy, and try not to overdo the effects. 8)


Note to everyone:

A lot of this kind of information can be easily found in FruityLoops help files and user guides. Your best bet to learn how to do stuff in FruityLoops is to check out the help file. I don't mind helping people out at all; I just gave a pretty detailed overview of what to do; however, this question concerns one of the most BASIC aspects of FruityLoops. It's like asking "How do I use the playlist?"

Please check out the helpfiles. They have search functions. Help yourself. If you really have a problem doing something in FL, post here; we'll be GLAD help you out; but please, don't just decide that you're too lazy to find things yourself, and post here expecting answers to really basic questions.

Thanks. :)

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djcubez's Dictionary

Reverb - Reverb is an effect you can add to your song. What is basically does is simulates the echo of a room. Reverb is made by taking a basic delay and repeating it over and over again in a succession that happens in milliseconds.


- djcubez may not be right, this Dictionary is built up of what djcubez has learned himself from other musicians and/or books -

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Hey, I got a quick question thats been bothering me since Ive had FL Studio and Ive finally got around to seeing if anyone knows about it.

Alright, so I made a song which was taking keys from stairway to heaven and putting them on a hip hop beat, since aside trying to perfect decent remixes I also make rap beats. But anyhow, I used a soundfont harp for the song since I have nothing close to real acoustic for such a song....well, lemme get to the point.

When I burned the song onto CD, theres a chirpy kinda mess up that sounds like water bubbles when it plays, and I have no idea what the problem is.

Ocassionally I had this problem with wav sample piano keys and such but now its just irratating me. The song can be found here: http://www.soundclick.com/util/DownloadSong.cfm?ID=996717

Any ideas?

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I have been thinking the past few days how great it would be to have a new fruity loops 101 thread, but like, FL101-advanced or somehting like that.

An FL thread dedicated to the more technical issues for those already pretty familiar with the program but want to do more technical things than just reverb, eq, etc...

Like I have asked recently about the ability to flange only certain frequencies in a sound so you would only get heavy flange on certain notes and light flange on others.

There are also other things I know myelf would end up asking like yesterday I was wondering if it possible to do any kind of multiband distortion, like adjust higher distortion in the third band and first band, where as the middle would be only lightly effected... or even something like filer distoriton where you would use low passing on a distortion device without low passing the audio itself (basically the low end of the sound would distort unless you opened the low pass cutofff all the way then the whole sound would be affected). Same princible for high pass, band pass... Or how would things like multi bandpassing a sound (would probably take several instances of a sound with a seperate range of bandpass on each and different effects on each channel for the sound you really want).

See, stuff like this would probably really confuse the noobs, and just make the thread longer andif someone wants to browse the thread for the highly technical stuff, things like this would be lost forever kinda.

Just wondering if a more high level fl 101 thread would be good?

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