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  1. I didn't handle a lot appropriately at that time especially in regards to my behavior on the forums here over the course of a few months and I really do feel bad about that. I've learned a lot and have not stopped producing although I really do it more for my own love of creating music than anything. I do appreciate the concern and honesty. It's cool to read all of this feedback 10 years after the fact!
  2. Hey guys, I haven't been here for a while but I thought this might be a good place to ask this. Basically, my roommate's band had four members and they kicked one out who played violin. They had already released a CD with him and most of the music was copyrighted by the lead guitarist BEFORE the violin player joined the band. Now the violin player after being kicked out is attempting to copyright his violin parts for each song and sue the band for using them (on the CD and at shows). Now, I'm a little sketchy on copyright laws and I've been telling them they shouldn't be worried about anything. However, should they be? EDIT: Just talked to the drummer of their band. Apparently he has a right to the royalties and he's going to try and sue. However, he's been using their logo and spreading it around facebook and other websites with slander and insults, which gives my roommates band the right to counter-sue for defamation (yes, he's talked to a lawyer). This is bogus though, were all just college students and nobody has the money to afford any of these lawyers. I'm just glad I'm not involved in any of this. I guess this post is useless now unless people want to further comment on it/have anything to add.
  3. Nice post man. I'm on a low budget and am considering just vocals right now since I'm a fan of using the "line in" Might have to pick up that 49.99 baby.
  4. I just threw down a little bit of money for FL's soundfont player. It was worth it just for the drag and dropping of soundfonts
  5. Hey, I just wanted to give everyone here an update as I have finally placed a lot of my music online for download. You can view the page here: http://www.soundtempest.net/djcubez/
  6. As Zircon said it's most likely your sound card or drivers.
  7. I'v had that on my playlist for the last 2 days, n i keep skippin to it.... hopefully there be a longer version comin out? maybe lol. it really depends on my work ethic.
  8. someone reinvite me (Gorillaz J) i think I accidentally declined the request.
  9. I think by instumentation he means added. He said something about percussion so maybe he means using a sample plus his own instrumentation.
  10. I agree, but in the original I'm thinking of doing there's a segment that's just very hard to reproduce the exact tone of, because it uses a lot of varied tonal percussion, so I was thinking off adding it to the segment I came up with to "recreate" that unique sound. By original I mean original game track, rather than your own original works. I'm sorry but ROFL. Back on topic I think it's valid. I've even sampled sections specifically for hip-hop/big beat songs. It's very cool.
  11. No idea dude. Try the forums though, there's usually good stuff there. And when you close the program in demo mode it should tell you what you'll get for paying for the program.
  12. Believe I did, but I'll double-check. If it doesn't work I don't know what's wrong. Oh, would the fact that it's the demo mean anything? I'm just messing around for now to try to get a feel for it. I don't think it would but that'd be something to check for on the site (they probably list demo limitations). I do believe the only limitations are not being able to save anything but anything MIDI related could possibly be restricted also.
  13. I've played trombone since 4th grade (senior at HS now) so I'm pretty decent. I can play guitar ok (but I can hook it up straight into my computer for great sound quality)
  14. You mean like directly sampling the mix. I don't think there's anything wrong as long as it follows the rest of the guidelines (i.e., re-arrangement). By using a sample from the original it usually means you're sticking to the original material a little to much and not expanding your boundaries. But it can work.
  15. Believe I did, but I'll double-check. If it doesn't work I don't know what's wrong.
  16. You did check the option in the options menu that says "enable midi output" didn't you? (on the bar at the top you know - options->enable midi output). EDIT: If I'm bored tonight (quite possibly) I might consider compiling all this into a huge webpage compiled like a FAQ.
  17. Gamertag: Gorillaz J I'm in Texas right now visiting relatives so I probably won't check it until Friday. Otherwise I'm on my dad's xbox GT of Metalloud.
  18. I had the file corrupted error only on the cracked versions of FLStudio and Fruity Loops. Once I bought it I never got the errors. I'm not acusing you of piracy, I'm just merely stating my experience.
  19. I can get a great sounding detuned saw from the 3xosc. Listen to my FF6 remix titled "fearless" if you want an example. That one is old though. I should try and stir one up real quick. Of course, maybe we're thinking of two different things here. If you can, hook me up with a little clip of a song so I can see what you're thinking of.
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