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*NO* Mega Man 'Pizzaman'


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Finally! After two years of visiting OCR, I'm finally

ready to give submitting something a try. This is my

remix of the first Mega Man's boss select screen. I

don't know how many of the judges are familiar with

the first Mega Man, so they might want to check out

the original version of the song which I've also made

available via the .nsf ( It's track one. Grab it from http://mail.chartermi.net/~agent_522/OCR/Mega_Man_I.nsf


Anyways, enough talk. Here's my relevant information

and I look forward to (hopefully) seeing it posted on


ReMixer: SJ Cardinal

Title: Pizzaman

Game and Stage: Mega Man / Boss select screen

Original artist: Chanchacobin M & Yuukichan's Papa


Email addy: agent_522@yahoo.com (feel free to post)


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I think most of us are well aware of Mega Man 1's music - Though, I could just be speaking for myself. I thought the first 6 seconds of this mix were really cool - Heh, I dig that effect achieved there! Though, as the song progresses, I find myself to believe that this remix is quite repetitive. Although there is a good use of delay and reverb, it can be overpowering at times. That weird percussion instrument panned to the left is just.. out of place. Atleast, to me. Nothing really builds out of this, and I really dislike the ending. Though, the NES part under electronic analog-sounding effects is pretty nifty, the ending is still mediocre.


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This remix takes a while to develop, but it's sounding pretty good so far.... but about 30 seconds later it's really sounding like the same thing over and over. It's too bad, this started out as a really nice chiptune, and if it were more varied (or perhaps shorter?) I think it would be worth posting.

And BTW, I thought that ending was great... maybe didn't fit with the mix, but it was great.... :D

Edit... Oops, forgot a NO

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Pizzaman ???

agent 522 ???

geez, if I put the clues together its.., no, its ok. Never mind.

ugh, I downloaded this song at 300bps :(


Mr. ? showed me this song on OC long ago. I hope it didnt take this long to get here. <:@

so basically this an expantion on a 4 second song from megaman 1.


I like the beat. Creative.

I like how it progresses into a more melodic mix. But not by much.

Nice Feel

Heheh, the ending reminds me of the days I used to record megaman music from a SH*TTY Mono television onto a SH*TTY children's recorder and it came out all flanged and gritty.


Repeats. Simplistic. No changes on the beat/chord structure. No changes in melody.

Much more could have been done with this mix.

Sorry pizzaman, but normally first attempts at mixes never get posted. Its just like sports. You cant make the team if you dont practice at it first.




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Ok, I'm not really going to say anything that hasn't been said before. I like almost everything about this and in all actuality, I might be able to handle the incredible repetition, but I think the key to repetition is varying it enough that people can skip through and see "ok this is different from the last part" and in addition to that, the thing you're repeating has to not be annoying, which in this case, it is not. So really just a little variety (someone sometime said it was the spice of life... don't know how accurate that is) might be key. And since no one else is going to say yes to this anyway, I'm gonna say...


Just like those people who voted for Nader....


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I'm going to say YES, because I do think it's well done. Any longer and I'd say it's repetitiveness would probably get annoying, but in its current state it didn't bother me the first time I heard it (I was actually a little biased in the judges direction before I heard this thinking that it would be annoyingly repetitive which made me get all defensive and write it off before I heard it).

Obviously, more could have been done, but isn't that the case with everything? Just enough is there I think. Any less and I'd certainly say no, but there's just something about this song that makes it worthy in my opinion.


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