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I recorded this about 6 months ago and I hadn't really intended it as a remix but then again, I figured hey, why not, right? So here is Terra Darko, my reinvisionment (if thats a word!) of the Terra theme from Final Fantasy VI with a Donnie Darko soundtrack-edge on the piano.... :)


Please let me know if it works. Should I submit this to go through the OCR judging process? It's an old recording, so I won't be making any changes to it. :)

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Minor note flubs here and there aside, I kept waiting for it to move beyond the straight up chords with the left hand and the unaccompanied melody on the right, but it never did. :-(

This is a nice piece for listening, but with the exception of a new intro and overly-extended ending, it's a straight up cover. I am pretty convinced this would get a trio of NOs, possibly an override.

If it's an old recording and you won't be making changes, I suggest submitting it to thasauce.net, it's a very nice cover, but not what OCR is looking for in an arrangement sense.

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  • 4 years later...
I don't remember posting that

mostly because it was FIVE YEARS AGO

Let the record show that if chthonic had ever gotten back to me within the 5 years, it's very possible that this song could have ended up on the OCR front page. Sadly, it is now lost forever.

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