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Megaman 2 - Wily's Requiem - Male vocalist needed!


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Alternative streaming link:


Pumped this out in a few hours. It's not near complete, as there are still some balance issues and I haven't written an intro yet.

If anyone is interested, I require a male vocalist that doesn't sound like a nerd for a few lines over the clean part (the end leads during the clean are just there so I can remember the melody; the vocals will replace them).

Also appreciate any constructive criticism. Thanks.

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Yo Neko,

This is cool, at first I was a little worried because the first minute or so was pretty much a straight cover, but when you chilled things out a little bit, I liked that a whole lot... And the next part is pretty nice, I can see what you mean about vocals for the clean part.

I am just hoping that you can really rip it up for ending, and just do some really nice interpretation and soloing.

My only qualm here so far is the cymbals in the first minute or so of the song. I know you're really just playing the theme here and getting us ready for the rest, but I really don't like the hollow sound they give the mix... That could be just me, as I know next to nothing about metal and the more realistic drumkits.

On a whole, I think you could afford to make your crashes and cymbals on the whole a little louder to make this song more dynamic, as they are pretty much in the background the whole time... You need to figure out a way to bring them out a little more. (And I am guessing that is hard to do because you have so much focus on your guitar, which is taking up a lot of the spectrum)

Anyway, the hit is fine, the bass is fine afaik, the guitarwork is fine as well, and I really liked that part at 1:20 ish... Very nice.

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what are you looking for in terms of vocals?

Someone who won't bleed to death while singing. SICK BURN!

Also, about this song, it's got some promise, but the thing that's keeping you back is your counterproductive drums. Seriously, the drums sound like a cat throwing up. You need to mix the bass drum higher, add a compressor and boost the EQ in the 50-90hz range. The sequencing is REALLY bad, completely repetitive and boring.

As for the rest of the song, it's really not bad, the performance and arrangement are both good, but you're really killing your song with the bad mixing job. I really can't give you any details there without actually having the tracks to play around with, but this song lacks the big fat sound that it should have, and also the big punchy sound of a metal drumkit.

Some googling should help you figure out what exactly you should do. Also, do A->B comparisons with professional music of the same genre (whatever you regularly listen to that inspired you to do this track), the closer you can mix it to sound like that, the better it'll be!

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Hmm... Me likey. I was wondering... The little pattern you start at 1:19 or so. Do you think that to 1:29 would be a good intro for the song? Maybe that's just me, it just seems like it takes too long to get into some original stuff. Yeah, probably just me. Keep on with it, dude. I'd lend vocals, but I don't think I could fit this.

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The one in yer first post sounded kinda like it could be an Iron Maiden song. I like it.

The second one, with the 7 string, sounded a little heavier (brutal as you put it), but I liked that one too.

I'd have to say I like the first one the best, though. Toss in some Bruce Dickinson style vocals and it'd be awesome.

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This rocks, nice work! With that said, I think the drums could use more punch and kick. (Although I just compared your track to some Avenged Sevenfold and they have an even "thinner" snare sound.) Also, at the section near the end with the fast chugging, it's really hard to pick out the guitar melody there.

Great stuff so far, will be looking for updates. Good look finding a vocalist to carry this track home.

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you have english lyrics for this? I'll make a vocal demo tomorrow.

and holy crap dude, the 7-string version sounds ridiculously awesomer...


Might as well post the only resume I have now, a rough cut of a cover of Love Song by The Cure: http://camp.misterworm.net/shadixstash/lovesong.mp3

I'm no pixietricks, but I hope that I can make this go somewhere. I wanted to do an english vocal of Wily Stage 1 too, so this conveniently fits into my master plan.

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