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E4: The Sequel?


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There's a new gaming expo in town?


Ready for a new game? How about the best new games and a brand new way to play them?

Entertainment for All™ Expo (E for All) is the event for people like you with a passion for video games and interactive entertainment, who want to test-drive all the latest games and gadgets before you buy them. This new event offers that opportunity, and then some. Other offerings include social and professional networking opportunities, game stages, and the acclaimed Video Games Live concert.

E for All 2007 takes place October 18-21, 2007 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

E for All is open to everyone passionate about video games and interactive entertainment, including: consumers (children 13 and under require parental supervision), media, software developers, buyers and retailers, programmers, distributors, entertainment industry representatives, financiers and venture capitalists, importers and exporters, manufacturers, resellers, researchers, educators, financial and industry analysts.

People on another forum are calling it E4 and it seems like another industry attempt at creating something as exciting as E3 used to be without developer madness.

I don't know, is anyone here planning on going to this?

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This is going to result in chaos and millions of brats without knowledge lining up to play games. They'd also buy any game from a developer that gives 'em a freebie.

Disaster :)

..I might be wrong. Let's hope so.

EDIT: Also, this might be a chance for smaller developers to reach an audience directly instead of fighting for the critics attention. So ehm... this is good AND bad :D

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These guys had people in E4All t-shirts handing out tickets and fliers for their show at PAX this year.

Douchebaggery is a requirement to work at E4All, it seems.

Effectively picketing another show to draw attention to your own is just... douchebaggy. I can't respect an organization that does stuff like that.

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I enjoyed this a lot. It was so chill but exciting at the same time. There is a lot of room for expansion so I think its really the beginning of something new even if its not even 1/4 the size of E3.

The publicity a public gaming event like this brings I think is going to attract more people as the years go on, but for now the size was pleasant. Especially with how underwhelming the new E3 supposedly was. Its a step in the right direction.

Only funny thing is yesterday near the end of the day half the Convention Center's power went out, split right at the Brawl booth. Half that booth worked and the other didn't. lol Same with the rest of the floor but it was still great.

I guess some short game impressions of what I played...this isn't everything but my memory is only so great.

Brawl - Go see the thread. Its very fun. The booth was setup so that there were two player matches people could stand in line for, and one closed in area where 4 displayed could be played with 4 at each one, and the winner of each would go up to play on a big screen in front of a crowd (who were all people that were waiting for their turn) The only thing is the announcers had the most painful high pitched voices sometimes..

MGS4 - See the thread. Its awesome. The booth was small but nice, you got a training session then got to play the actual demo with surround sound earphones. There were some PSP games and DS games on Display. IGA was there for a bit yesterday. Heh, he brought a whip.

Castlevania the Dracula X Chronicles - Good old fashioned Castlevania simplicity. Its great fun.

Silent Hill Origins - Control is a bit clunky but it looks really nice. I'm seeing how its going to fit in the overall mythos too already so SH fans definitely want to check it out if they can.

This Soccer game I can't remember - had this really funny crowd of people who got riled up for it. I guess even virtual Soccer does that to people.

Portable Ops Plus - You know the drill.

Guitar Hero III - If you like 70's and 80's metal you'll love this game. It goes faster and is a bit harder than previous ones though.

Drawn to Life - What a weird game.

Team Fortress II - You guys probably know more than I do but I think its fun. I love the cartoony visual style. I love the Scout myself.

The Simpsons game - Surprisingly decent amount of people wanted to play it. I'm a huge huge Simpsons fan but even I have to admit their games suck ass, but this one is actually pretty fun. The visual style is really impressive, its one of the best uses of Cell-shading I've seen. Its literally like an interactive cartoon. The animated cut scenes complete it. Its a blast to play with two people split screen (You can play the whole story mode like that.)

No constant catch phrase saying either. Don't expect classic season wit and insanely clever writing but in its own weird way I think it'll be enjoyable. Its definitely the best thing since the Arcade game. Some camera problems in smaller areas but in general I think it'll be a good game.

Super Mario Galaxy - Its going to be an awesome game. I haven't been forced to use all of the Wii-Remote's features to this extent before, not even in Metroid Prime 3. Its a little disorientating at first but it gets really fun. From what I could hear of it the music is going to be a soundtrack to buy. Its really nice stuff.

I think it may really follow through being the true successor to Mario 64.

Rock Band - Its a cool idea but my friend and I agree that its probably going to be a rich kid's toy, and even then..

I mean unless everyone buys their own instrument and then gets together at parties a lot but its probably not toppling Guitar Hero since GH is much more easy going than setting up all that gear. And even then at that point you have to wonder why not just form a -real- band?

Conan - My friend nicknamed it Conan of War. lol Thats basically it. Its decent I guess.

There was this amusing controller this company was letting everyone try out. Its like this ball on some jointed arms you move around, and it allows you to feel virtual textures. Its an interesting idea.

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