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I'm back - Lufia I Intro Remix


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OMG ITS SIRRUS 2 SEXy 4 WORDZ. I know, I know, lady(s?) of OCR I'm excited too, and guys try to keep it in your pants, cause this music is going to be an eargasm like you've never had before. There's a first time for everyone.

Lufia - Introduction Theme

The Original

The Remix

I got test block for med school in 2 weeks, so I'm starting studying 24/7 as of tomorrow. I will get back to this after I PWN GROSS ANATOMY - and I promise I will FINISH the song. I know GT will give me crap if he sees this post, but truly after 2 more weeks of studying my ass off, I will definitely be in the mood for wrapping this song up and doing absolutely nothing other than that. Unless you all tell me my song sux0rs. In which case I will be depressed and fail my tests.

So (most of) your comments are much appreciated and will be taken into serious and loving considertion next time I get a chance to work on this.

Hugs & Kisses,


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It's a great source to remix, beautiful, and I can imagine a number of different ways to go with it.

I'm not a big fan of bleepy synths, and while I find it annoyingly repetitive, it doesn't sound bad. The piano intro is beautiful, but the hihat doesn't quite fit in, at least not in the intro. The snare seems to have something of a plate reverb that doesn't sound good. Whatever it is, tweak it, or use another sample.

Towards the end, it gets a more epic feel, whatever voxy synth you've got really adds a sense of scope. You should build towards a grande finale using that.

And I'm really liking the break 1:12-1:20. This is all nice. I'd prefer to have this orchestral, but that's me. This is a good piece, worth developing further, and submitting.

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yeah i actually don't like this song that much anymore, esp the percussion. oh well, I'll try to put some more effort into it, I just really wanted to pop back into the community cause I missed you guys. and I missed you GT in more ways than one ;) ;) ;) ;)

ok i'm done, peace

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Agree about the drums, but I think it's mostly it's placement in the mix... Your kit sounds like it's being played from inside a tube... not good.

What are you using btw? Is this BFD? Honestly it kind of feels like this song would work so much better with a more techno-ey kind of drumwork/feel/samples, or you could at least layer this kit with them... But everything else sounds cool.

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